How to use microblogging to do content marketing on Weibo?

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how to do microblogging marketing

Weibo has become an important way for people to understand first-hand information, and it is also an important social networking platform. Instantly share information with just over a hundred words to update the information. The soft-text marketing of Weibo platform is a way of marketing a wider range to a certain extent. It can play a better role in the promotion and marketing of enterprises, and realize real-time communication and instant sharing, which can show the latest development of products.

If the soft text of Weibo platform wants to attract everyone’s interest and achieve the effect of reading and reprinting, it requires that the content must be interesting, real and professional, and have certain representativeness. Otherwise, it will not achieve marketing purposes. Therefore, in the soft-text marketing of Weibo platform, we must pay attention to the interaction with fans, in order to better enable Weibo marketing to achieve results.

Weibo has a platform for large and more users in marketing, not only because of its lower threshold and lower cost, but also easy to bring people closer to each other. It is suitable for any company to do marketing; The software platform of Bo platform has a wide coverage and strong communication, which can help enterprises to disseminate information in a targeted and professional manner in a short period of time, and achieve strong interaction with users, truly achieving enterprises and consumers. The zero barriers between the two directly communicate, resulting in the most valuable information for marketing purposes.

So, how to better carry out soft-text marketing on the Weibo platform?

  1. Product ads must be “soft”,not just ads.

The reason why soft paper can achieve the purpose of marketing, in general, in Weibo, it is necessary to make advertising marketing “soft”, instead of directly publishing naked product information for marketing, it is easy to cause consumer resentment. Therefore, in the soft text marketing of Weibo platform, it is necessary to make product advertising marketing a “soft point”.

The success of Weibo marketing is inseparable from the existence of soft text. Today, as information continues to update and explode, we almost always see a variety of hard ads, consumers have been eccentric about the promotion of such ads, hard ads can not attract their interest. Therefore, in order to achieve better marketing results, it is necessary to embed advertising information as much as possible into valuable content. This kind of marketing method not only has a strong concealment, but also provides consumers with valuable things, thus achieving better marketing results.


2. Flexible language

Soft-text marketing in Weibo, the language requirements are not high, the style is more lively, and match the language requirements of the Fengluo era. Therefore, you can use the latest, most popular, and most popular vocabulary to attract everyone’s attention to achieve marketing purposes. Of course, the frequent update of information also requires content updates to be diligent, and constantly increase the frequency of updates to continue to attract the attention of consumers.

3 Weibo content diversification

The number of Weibo fans has an important relationship with the reading rate and the reprint rate, in order to attract more and more.

Fans, to achieve marketing purposes, must find ways to improve the popularity of Weibo content, try to send those

It is easy to cause Weibo to forward, reply, and comment, increasing the numbers of fans and fan stickiness.

Because of a close contact with the popular idol x×, it is located in the upper Shanghai Bund.

A postbox on the road became the new favorite of his fans. One hour after the completion of Weibo from XX .At the beginning, a large number of fans came to take photos with this “net red mailbox”, regardless of day or night, here

Degrees have long queued up, even “even sending and receiving letters are several times more than usual”

After this “net red mailbox” became popular, China Post jointly took the shot and launched

The topic of hand-picked postbox, set off another wave of attention from netizens, and pushed the topic to the second time again.climax. “Take the postbox” topic to promote the reading volume of 140 million times in a week, the average daily growth 20 million times. With the star effect triggering the hot events on the Internet, China Post’s take-off action is very success.

Traditional brands use the star effect to quickly gather in the short time through social networks popularity and topic discussion, the brand exposure, user preferences have also been greatly improved. As can be seen from the above cases, the microblogging potential can sometimes achieve unexpected results. when

However, Weibo has more optional content, which can be original or forwarded. But you must let these things pass. Fans feel the authenticity of Weibo and win their trust. Just copy, paste, simply publish enterprise information or marketing information cannot be trusted by users.

In summary, the soft text marketing of Weibo platform is more competitive than WeChat marketing. There will be fewer considerations, but this does not mean that Weibo can directly market and promote products.

To achieve the above points, we can do a good job in Weibo’s soft-text marketing, and reach the final of soft-text marketing.

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