How to do marketing on Weibo?

weibo marketing

As one of the most popular online marketing tools in China, Weibo is widely used in modern society. Of course, enterprises are also required to register an official Weibo for corporate marketing. However, how can we do a good job in corporate microblog marketing? How to commercialize and get profit from the enterprise Weibo? In addition to doing some basic setup of Weibo, forwarding comments, etc. have some loyal fans outside? Is there a more systematic model to operate?

The answer is yes. As long as there is a problem in the world, there will be people who will find a way to solve the problem, and then study and improve in practice, so there is a series of methods and skill systems. But these skill systems are not omnipotent. We still need to analyze and improve in the process of self-practice to achieve the effect we expected.

So, how should enterprise microblogging marketing be transformed?

Step one: Looking for target users

  1. Use the label to find the target users.

Weibo users generally label them according to their own preferences and characteristics. These labels represent the characteristics of fans. We look for users of these tags according to the target users of the company, and then pay attention to these users, they can generally become their fans.

  • Use the topics to find.

The topic on Weibo is realized by “topic name”, so we can directly find the people who participate in a topic discussion through Weibo search. If your business is selling sports brands, you can look for “Baby powders” “Cosmetic” or other topics. These users are your potential customers. Using micro-groups to find micro-groups is an interactive group of people gathered together by a common feature or common hobby. If the company sells cosmetics, look for micro-groups that are related to fashion, and join the micro-group, where the group users are their own potential users.

Step Two: Let these users become our fans.

There are many ways to build a fan. Since you have a target user, you just need to find ways to let these users pay attention to themselves and become your own fans. For a Weibo to have more fans, especially accurate fans, the premise must ensure quality content. Be sure to let other users feel a true self through our Weibo, in order to win the trust of users.

Step Three: Content Marketing

Just using Weibo as an information publishing platform is completely meaningless. It is not enough to have high-quality content. You should also take the initiative to pay attention to your target users. Users who are generally concerned will return. If they are interested in your Weibo content, they will listen to your Weibo. Still very obvious.

After successful marketing of content, after getting a lot of fans, you should find ways to turn these fans into your own households and promote your brand to them.

You should pay attention to the skills when publishing marketing information on Weibo, and add the advertisements to some valuable content, which will not arouse the fans’ dislike.

You can also regularly plan some prize-winning activities to increase the popularity of Weibo. Prizes should attract fans and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of fans. Actively interact with fans during the event, increasing the fan’s affection for the company and increasing the stickiness of the fans. As long as you make the most of these fans, the conversion rate is still very high, and the marketing effect will be maximized.

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