5 Trends of WeChat Marketing

wechat marketing trands

At the year of 2019,WeChat brought a surprise to everyone and upgraded to version 7.0.

I don’t know, people regret more than ~ Along with the “commercialization” of WeChat process, WeChat is also constantly providing you with new capabilities and opportunities, from the original public number, to the current small procedures, from micro-merchants to community e-commerce, do not know if we have caught a wave of fortune.

If you have been paying attention to WeChat, but have not yet shared the bonus of WeChat, then the following content will be carefully read it!

1.WeChat Marketing in social share traffic will be further enhanced Tencent official data show that as of November 2018, per capita use of more than 20 small procedures, half a year of public service users reached 650 million, small procedures business Services daily trading volume increased by 142% in half a year.

At present, more than 95% of e-commerce platform has been online small procedures, this year, double 11 Uniqlo, coach, H&M and other brands have pushed the battlefield boundary into the field of small programs. The opening of WeChat has given our merchants more opportunities to take advantage of WeChat traffic. And WeChat flow more accurate, high-quality, cheap, it is worth our business will operate the focus of the continuous transfer to WeChat ecology.

2.Sellers through WeChat to provide small programs, WeChat Group, Enterprise WeChat and other capabilities, to create their own flow system, the real let “no small individual, but also have their own brand.”

3.We need for a stronger brand awareness
As mentioned above, “no small individual, also has its own brand.” Before the internet age, branding was an extremely expensive and slow thing to do. Our company needs to increase the exposure of our brand by investing a lot of money in advertising, newspapers, outdoor and other channels, or sponsoring a variety of events, events, etc. Through the brand advertisement again and again appear in front of the consumer, let the brand symbol in the consumer heart to form the cognition, finally occupies the field cognition and locks the user. But in the age of mobile Internet, this logic can be broken! Originally the user can not lock, can only through the ad again and again to strengthen the understanding, now in every advertisement, activity, or sales process by allowing users to pay attention to the public number and other ways to lock the user. As you can imagine. In the near future, if there is not a QR code on an advertisement, it may not be a qualified advertisement. We can lock the user first, and then strengthen the brand awareness. This way greatly reduces the cost of building our brand, even if we fail to make our brand a brand name, we can still harvest a large wave of their own users, can support their own users.

The sooner you build brand awareness, the lower the cost, but also better to help us want users to output better corporate and brand image, at the same time customers feel the service will be better!

Targeting your customers preciously
The dividend period for a WeChat flow is over, and it is impossible to get thousands of fans through a “powder suction” tool, an activity, and then sift through one step, as before. If you do this again, the harvest will have little effect, because the user has been through it too many times. What we need to do is how to ensure that our fans are precise and how to provide their fans with favorite content. Our fan base is then scaled up in a form of fission activity such as a regiment. This is one of the reasons why the recent rapid Bass group activity has exploded.

The regiment can be a good help to our fission precision users.

4.More emphasis on service professionalism In order to better retain customers, so that users of the brand more sticky, in the past we have more emphasis on product power. See if your product can meet the needs of users, beyond the expectations of users. But in the current era of unprecedented productivity, the differentiation of product power is difficult to make us stand out, so that users remember us. We need to make us more professional, at least you are more professional in your field than consumers, you can provide professional consulting services to consumers.

If you are the service industry itself, then you may need to make users more comfortable ~ people pay attention to observe the words, around the restaurant environment in the past two years changes are very large, is to make diners eat more comfortable, but also highlight the characteristics and style of their own restaurant.

  1. Explore mini-program
    We have accumulated a large number of users/fans through the public number or WeChat group, we need to let the user generate value to feed us. Small programs are in the user operation experience, the use of scenes, and even say security than based on H5 to build the mall, the development of the public mall is even better. On January 9, 2019, in the evening WeChat Open class, Zhang Xiaolong also explicitly mentioned: behind WeChat will increase the development of small programs, the provision of capabilities, with particular emphasis on adding small program links to wake up the user’s ability, but currently did not find a better way than push notification. And WeChat has put the small program development of the ecological set up, there are a large number of third-party service providers like: *, Micro *, bass ** And so on, WeChat development community content is also very rich.

Let the vast number of merchants even individuals can have their own small programs. 2019, is our offline business integration line of the last month, but also the two or three-line city of the e-commerce of the next world, grasp WeChat this small trend, from a WeChat friend, a WeChat group, a public number to start, and actively embrace the Internet. Offline merchants can also plug in the Internet, and even the wings of the IoT soar.

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