How to run a successful marketing campaign on WeChat?

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The online poster campaign is still one of the most effective forms on WeChat. We need to use the poster campaign tool flexibly to try to complete the engagement of public fans and followers early.

Poster campaign is applicable to all different products or services. Commonly, such as education, finance, maternal and children products, clothes, catering and other vertical industries. The more subdivided the target user group, the better the effect of marketing. As long as the benefits are designed, it is a matter of time before the marketing activity is promoted through precise channels.

Online poster campaign process:

Upload a bait poster in the background, online activities → user A click menu to generate exclusive posters and forward posters to friends circle or send to friends → user B scan code attention → A receive friends attention message reminder, and the system automatically Give user B a dedicated poster → User B forwards the poster to the circle of friends or sends it to the friend → User C, D, E scan code attention → B receives the message of the friend’s attention message, and the system pops up the exclusive poster for the user C, D, E → By analogy, infinite fission → user A, B… invites a specified number of friends to pay attention, the system automatically issues rewards.

Here are eight steps for a successful WeChat campaign:

8 steps for a wechat campaign

First, set up the goal of the campaign

No matter what kind of activities, you should first ask what your purpose is: whether it is company promotion, brand promotion, or new product, increase sales, or strengthen interaction, activate fans… Clearly set the purpose of the activity, Choose the right solution.

1 If the purpose is to promote the brand, we must find ways to increase the exposure of the event, reduce the threshold for low activity participation, reduce the steps of the fans, and all around the process of letting users generate and forward posters.

2 If the purpose is to increase sales, we should not pay too much attention to the amount of powder, the conversion rate of 1000 precision powder is higher than 5000 powder. Therefore, you can increase the activity threshold appropriately. For example, the prize should not be set as a free collar. It can be set as a low-priced product that needs to be paid. This can be used to filter the fans from the root. The users participating in the event are all interested in the product. And there is a willingness to pay. Another example is the regional restrictions – only the fans in the region can participate, and the fans in the field can not participate – this is very suitable for the public number of the region from the media and the city’s e-commerce.

3 If the purpose is to activate the fans, then the premise is: the public number has a certain number of fans, but usually not active. When doing activities, we must find ways to interact with them, such as arranging task activities, introducing a ranking mechanism, and distributing some benefits from time to time to stimulate the competition consciousness of fans.

Key points: Do not use the powder data as the sole target when doing activities, because once you get stuck in the data of the powder, it is easy to lose the original intention of the activity, so the activity must focus on the positioning of the public number, and focus on attracting potential. Target customer groups.

Second, determine the event prizes/gifts

Some merchants send red envelopes when they do activities. The temptation to tell the true red envelopes is really great, and the effect is good, but the drawbacks are also great: for example, it is easy to attract someone who cheat for the red packets.

At the same time, once the red envelope activity is split, all the red envelopes will be received in one day, and the public message will be over-received. There are not many customer service responses. It is difficult to process these messages, and ultimately only the entire operation team will be made. The burnt head is ruined. Therefore, for e-commerce or store businesses, we don’t recommend red envelopes as prizes.

What other things besides the red envelope are suitable for prizes/gifts?

1 virtual gifts: usually the industry-class skill package, stored in Baidu network disk or other network disk. Taking free as a gimmick, attracting potential users to scan the code and achieve the effect of detonating activities through the spread of WeChat social relationship chain. The benefits of virtual prizes are near zero cost, easy to distribute, simple to collect, and almost no customer service resources.

2 physical prizes: If you are a seller of goods, it is appropriate to select some stocks to make prizes. If you have new products, you can take some as a welfare, and test the fans’ reaction to the new products. If you do not have the goods, you can go to Alibaba to buy high-quality products in bulk, try to choose the cost price and the market price is very different, so that it can reduce the cost of activities, but also let fans have a feeling of earning.

3 WeChat card or coupons: Most of the store merchants have the pain point of issuing coupons. They want to do some preferential activities. What we need to do is to converse these customers and turn the coupons into their own customers. The WeChat cards/coupons are naturally suitable for merchants to drain: online participation in the event to receive the card vouchers, and then to the offline store to write off, complete the online The closed loop.

follow the rules

Third, the rules of activities

Successful fission activities must be inseparable from clear and unambiguous rules. We should not consider our own point of view when formulating the rules of the event: think that writing is clear enough, fans can definitely understand. However, it is important to know that many fans participating in the event are white outside the Internet. Some terms we are familiar with may not be known. Even if they know, they may not read it carefully and understand it carefully. Therefore, when writing the rules of the activity, you must use the simplest and most straightforward words to explain the rules, otherwise the fans are easy to doubt, worry, and even question the authenticity of the activity.

Imagine that you are an ordinary user, look at what you will pay attention to when you participate in the event, what are the doubts, and believe that through role exchange, you will definitely help you to develop a clear rule of the activity.

Fourth, design activities posters and replies

It is necessary to deeply observe the characteristics of the target group, refine the user’s needs, design a very attractive poster through the prize welfare, the KOL endorsement, and the limited number. The poster should hit the user’s pain point and seize consumers’ attention. Here are a few key points of the poster design:

1 User identity: implant the user’s avatar and nickname, shape the personal image of the circle of friends, everyone wants to show their positive side to the friend, so the copy must reflect positive energy, three views, etc., with a branding logo , giving the user a certain sense of satisfaction.

2 Activity theme: describe a scene to the user, hit the pain point, and bring in relevant information of the event, highlighting the attractiveness of the prizes and satisfying the user’s desire. The text description shows the branches, and the layers are clearly defined. The important texts can be bolded or enlarged. The background of the posters should be vivid, such as the commonly used red and yellow, which increases the visual impact.

3 Trust endorsement: implant company brand logo, authoritative organization cooperation, industry opinion leader recommendation, etc., to ensure the real and effective activities, and build trust relationship with fans.

4 Create a sense of scarcity and urgency: Things are rare, and prizes without a limit are not enough to attract people’s attention and cherish, so you can create a sense of urgency and scarcity by emphasizing the number of prizes and the time of activities. For example, only  few gifts left, only one days left to receive etc.

At present, there are a lot of poster templates available on the market.

Here are some tips for auto-reply.

Regarding the reply, it is mainly divided into the following sections:

• Participate in event responses

• Reply after scanning the code

• Friend scan code prompts

• Repeat scan code reply

• Friend replies

• Complete task prompts

• And more …

These replies are all added by custom, you can add variables, such as fans WeChat nickname, the text is as interesting as possible to guide the fans to the next step.

Many merchants ignore the value of the reply language. In fact, the exposure of the reply language is very large. E-commerce merchants can insert product links in the text to increase the traffic, and can also implant other things that need to be promoted, such as customer service micro. Signals, etc. In the activity link, the guide fan and customer service WeChat is a good way to precipitate users: after all, the public number can’t interact with fans at any time, but the personal number can be, emotionally, the personal number is more suitable for interacting with fans, in addition through the circle of friends. It can also display the product information of the merchant well, and even build the fan community directly and engage in the social economy (this is not covered in the scope of this article, so I will not talk about it).

Fifth, prepare for promotion channels

The promotion channel directly determines the scale of the activity fission. We see the activities of the popular screen friends circle, all of which have strong promotion channels.

Commonly used promotion channels are also in the WeChat ecosystem, such as: public number, WeChat group, WeChat moments etc. Before many business activities, we may make a warm-up via various networks, organize the WeChat group personal number in advance, etc. After the event is launched, the posters will be pushed by batches to create a hot atmosphere.

Common online and offline seed users’ promotion channels, such as shop scan code, employee push, friends circle, some topic QQ groups, Zhihu, Weibo topics, etc. They are important channels for reaching wide users.


Sixth, the activity online test

After the activity is created, be sure to test it yourself: find a colleague or friend to help, follow the whole process, check the various links to see if there are any errors or areas to be improved.

Testing can help us fully understand the activity process, only to understand what interface will appear at each step of the activity, what to do next, to ensure that the activities are carried out in an orderly manner.

Seventh, WeChat official promotion of the event

Please coordinate the resources of all parties before promotion, and confirm that you can contact each docker in time. Prepare the promotion resources, don’t use them all at once, it is best to divide the batches and time periods, and then push the wave to see the effect. There are detailed promotion data indicators in the background, such as: number of participants, number of activities, number of tasks completed, task completion rate, fission level, etc., can regularly follow up the activity, summarize data information, evaluate the effect of the activity, according to the data analysis.The indicator adjusts and optimizes the activity, and finds the abnormal situation and starts the emergency plan in time.

Poster campaign is just like developing products. Be sure to verify potential people first to see if they can attract them and optimize activities in real time. Once it goes into effect, it will be spread to more people on a large scale. During the event, there may be a large number of fan messages in the public number, ask questions related to the event, and be sure to arrange customer service personnel to be on duty in order to respond promptly. After the fans receive the prizes, they will be delivered on time according to the agreed time, so as to avoid the fans being anxious and causing unnecessary troubles.

Eighth, activity summary

The deadline for the event is not the end of the operation, it is even the beginning of the next event.

After the event, don’t forget to seriously review the whole event, collect feedback from fans, and summarize what is not good enough, and where it can be improved. You can also spend some time, do an activity mind map, disassemble each link to make a subdivision, summarize whether the activity has completed the purpose of the event, supplement the shortcomings of the event, and for the next time Prepare for the event.

There are no 100% perfect activities, only activities that are as perfect as possible. Conduct a summary and analysis will help you understand the operation of the event more deeply.

Generally speaking, attracting fans is the first step in the operation of the public. After the fans pay attention, they must have a follow-up operating system to provide value and services to the fans, and create a healthy growth environment for the public, instead of looking for new ones. As long as you provide users with real value products and services,

You will be get more fans and more sales.

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