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What is Taobao SEO?

The traditional Taobao SEO is Taobao search engine optimization, which optimizes the store’s product title, category, time and time, etc. to obtain a better ranking, thus obtaining a new technology of Taobao search traffic.

The generalized Taobao SEO refers to the removal of Taobao search engine optimization, including an Amoy search optimization, category optimization, Taobao activity optimization, etc. We also call it free traffic development in Taobao station, which is to maximize the absorption of Taobao station. Free traffic, which is a trick to sell baby.

Three Key Factors for SEO

The three major correlations are the cornerstones of Taobao’s SEO optimization, including category related, attribute related and title related. Many of them think that the title is everything in Taobao, which is very incorrect. In the current stage of Taobao SEO, in the case of 90% of sellers do not understand Taobao SEO, as long as you can master these three major correlations, you can also achieve very significant results!

SEO misunderstanding

Taobao SEO misunderstanding means that the seller is not familiar with the Taobao rules, take it for granted or to hear some rules, make mistakes in the optimization of their own stores, including the title of keywords, as well as freely lower prices, publish advertising products and so on.

Once you break the mistake, you will receive the punishment of Taobao, so that you will not be paid for, or even lose money, so that the situation of the store is closed, so the seller does not understand optimization does not matter, do not optimize the error!

The specific performance of SEO misunderstanding has the following common misunderstandings:

First, the more collections of shops and treasures, the higher the ranking

Second, the new shelves of the baby do not participate in the ranking in popular baby

Third, the baby that can’t be seen in the search results is blocked.

Fourth, Taobao popularity ranking will be preferred Taobao through train baby

Five, Taobao search ranking results will tend to big sellers

Sixth, as long as the product is sold smoothly, the other is not important

Seven, more activities can quickly increase popularity rankings

factors that effects the ranking

Important Ranking factors

First, the relevance

1, category attributes: foreground category, background category

2, baby title: normative, readability, including keywords

Second, the shelf time: 7 days, according to the Taobao server refresh cycle, accurate baby release time and release interval.

Third, the window recommended

Fourth, whether to join the consumer protection: joined the consumer protection, 7 days unconditional return, etc., in the same situation, ranked top

Fifth, the store weight:

1. Cheating

2, the degree of deductions

3, the refund rate

4, shooting time difference

5, buyer rating

Sixth, baby weight, transaction record, collection

Seven, popular baby algorithm

1, relevance

Category attribute: foreground category, background category

Baby title: normative, readable, containing keywords

2, popularity points:

Volume, conversion rate, number of favorites, baby page views,

Repeat customers, Alipay usage rate, consumer protection, delivery speed score, service attitude score, favorable rate, seller credit, window recommendation,

Eight, optimization focus:

1. Make sure there are no violations

2. Make sure the categories and attributes are correct.

3. Optimize specific keywords

4, the window recommended

5, baby release time

taobao seo solutions

Solutions for Taobao SEO

1, optimization of the shelf time

The time of loading and unloading is especially important for market sellers. How to optimize the time of loading and unloading, there are three main steps.

The first step: analysis of traffic trends

(1) Workday network traffic analysis

(2) Weekly network traffic analysis

The working day is the trend concentrated in the afternoon, and the weekend is the trend concentrated in the evening. The focus of analyzing traffic trends is to see if there is any refinement to each day. If it does, then the traffic analysis piece will do well.

The second step: analysis of competing product research

Competing for the wrong position

When the goods are on the shelves, you should look at the situation next to the goods. If there are goods that are not conducive to your own competition, adjust the time for the goods to be put on the shelf.

The third step: distribution settings

Efficient setup using software

2, product title optimization

(1) Collect key channels

Main collection channels popular product title collection, Taobao home page (category) recommendation words, search box drop-down menu words, Taobao ranking, Taobao index, data cube (Amoy), Quantum Hengdao keyword report, through train vocabulary, of course There are some other channels.

The following highlights the collection of popular product titles. Popularity title collection is the highest frequency of collection, in fact, it is excellent.

(2) Editing the five principles of the title

Readability principle:

The title is smooth and smooth;

The front part attracts the eye (“N times out of stock”, “Fan Bingbing”, etc.).

Equivalent principle:

Commonly known as the guide to the official name;

Symbol principle:

Readability symbols: spaces, “/”, etc.;

Emphasis on sexual symbols. “[]”, “*☆” and so on.

Split principle:

English is in alphabets, and Chinese characters are in units of phrases in the Taobao database;

Priority display does not require splitting the baby with the word.

Disorder principle:

The order in which the keywords are arranged does not affect the search.

(3) Data detection and continuous optimization

Combine multiple titles, which one would be better?


After the keyword collection, editing the title and other steps to get two alternate titles:

1.2012 hot autumn clothing fashion casual wild personality double stand collar Korean long-sleeved T-shirt men

2. New style spring men’s authentic t-shirt men’s long-sleeved thick cotton pure color tide casual XL

Using the two titles of the same baby to test, the following data:

Title 1: Clicks 126 Click rate 0.62%

Headline 2: Clicks 89 Click rate 1.31%

As can be seen from the above data, the effect of Title 2 is more obvious, we use the title of Title 2.

Headline optimization is a cyclical process, not a one-time process.

3, commodity main map optimization

(1) Choosing color matching

The first impression of the human body on the product is the color of the product, so color matching is required. There is no absolute color matching, it is relative, to highlight the color of your product.

(2) Magic copy

Adding a copy on the main product map should be appropriate, not too much. And remember to try not to cover the product itself.

(3) highlight selling points

The text must highlight the selling point of the product, otherwise the effect of adding text on the picture will be small. While highlighting the selling point, pay attention to the information not too much, do not accumulate the information rudely, otherwise it will cause the search to reduce the power, then it will not be worth the loss.

taobao seo audit

(4) SEO audit

Border effect

People pay more attention to objects with borders, such as photos, why add a border, it will attract attention.

Outstanding effect

When people look at objects, the first thing they notice is the prominent part. Therefore, according to the prominent effect, the effect of the product is highlighted, which will attract attention.

Seeking full effect

When people look at pictures, they have a heart that predicts its full picture. For example, a shirt shows only one collar, but when we look at it, we will consciously think of the part outside the collar, so we will click in and take a look.

4, the recommended show window optimization

Although the window recommendation is less in the past two years, it is necessary to do it.

(1) Optimization method

Fixed recommendation (35%)

To take some products to fix recommendations, such as some main products, hot products, always recommend it.

Rolling recommendation (65%)

Since the product rankings that are about to be removed are top-ranking, scrolling recommendations are used.

The ratio of fixed and rolling recommendations is three to seven or four to six, and the specific ratio depends on the product.

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