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How to interact with your followers on WeChat ?

You will meet some problems when you interact with your followers or users.  Maybe many people feel that the user’s stickiness is…
wechat content

What is the most popular content on WeChat?

As we all know, the content marketing for a WeChat official account is very important. But what is the most popular content…
get more followers for wechat official account

10 powerful methods to get more followers on WeChat

For the WeChat official account, it is not easy to get followers without effective ways. Here we list 10 effective ways to…
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How to run a successful marketing campaign on WeChat?

The online poster campaign is still one of the most effective forms on WeChat. We need to use the poster campaign tool…
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5 Trends of WeChat Marketing

At the year of 2019,WeChat brought a surprise to everyone and upgraded to version 7.0. I don’t know, people regret more than…