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In terms of market share, information technology services occupy an important position in China’s software industry, the total revenue of information technology services in China in 2018 was RMB347.56 billion, accounting for 55.1% of the industry revenue, followed by software products, and in 2018, China’s software industry achieved software product revenue of RMB1935.3 billion, accounting for 30.7% of the industry, and finally embedded system software, the software industry achieved 895.2 billion yuan in embedded system software revenue in 2018, accounting for 14.2% of the industry.

In 2018, the industry realized revenue of 347.4661 billion yuan, up 18.31% YoY, higher than the industry-wide average, accounting for 55.1% of the industry’s revenue, followed by software products to achieve revenue of 172.4724 billion yuan, accounting for 30.7% of the industry’s revenue.

Embedded system software realized revenue of 895.2 billion yuan, accounting for 14.2% of the industry’s revenue.

Services industry is in good shape, revenue growth has been maintained, and the pace of industry development towards high quality has accelerated, but the overall export growth of the industry has slowed. In 2018, the country’s software and information technology services industry exports were $55.45 billion, up only 0.8% year-on-year.

From the current international situation, trade negotiations between China and the United States are blocked, the global economy may once again enter a period of adjustment, curbing the demand for software exports.

Analysis of the development trend of China’s software industry with the advancement of enterprise information, software is as important for enterprises as water and electricity.

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With the promotion of the “Internet plus” strategy and the popularity of mobile Internet, the software development system has shown a lot of new trends.

1, mobile with the development of mobile Internet, from the perspective of end users, mobile Internet has become a way of life, and mobile internet has become an industry-wide issue, and all the reporting data also shows that the mobile Internet market is becoming a new growth point in the collaborative management industry.

In this situation, no matter from the market, customer perspective or industry competition point of view, mobile will become one of the strategic initiatives in the history of collaborative office software development.

2, sharing at present, most enterprises rely on the business development of the industry chain partners, including suppliers, distributors, etc.  with the growing development of enterprise business, the internal information construction of enterprises continue to advance, these external objects and the internal existence of information islands are also highlighted. Therefore, the future enterprise information needs to think about how to effectively and safely release the existing resources of the enterprise to these partners, shorten the communication radius between each other, reduce the cost of communication, that is: the future software will need to give full play to the portal, knowledge, process three core values, integration of enterprise business data, service internal staff, external customers,

partner, this is also an important direction for future collaborative office to unlock value.

3, networking with the rapid development of the network and information age, how to connect the existing office system with the internet application portal is the future trend of collaborative office. GOOGLE HAS INTRODUCED ONLINE DOCUMENT PROCESSING SOFTWARE AND SPREADSHEET SOFTWARE TO ACHIEVE SEAMLESS INTEGRATION OF ONLINE OFFICE, AND MICROSOFT OFFICE ALLOWS USERS TO WRITE THEIR BLOG SINGS DIRECTLY IN OFFICE SOFTWARE AND SEND IT TO ONLINE BLOG SPACE FOR MOBILE WORK

How to effectively interact with the existing office system with the Internet has also become an important direction for the future development of software.

4, industry with the market changing rapidly, vision and insight become the essential qualities of managers. Market trends, always change and constant co-existence, change in the same, unchanged contains change. High-end market, industry segmentation is an inevitable trend. With the development of platform technology, enterprises in the high-end market need personalized customized services.

And the small and medium-sized enterprises group more need product-based software system, the future software system function will be more adaptable, the system configuration will be more mature.

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5, socialization Social CRM system is the product of online CRM system seeking to integrate with SNS and other new Internet delivery models, will be closer to the user’s needs for applications and functions, and then communication is more convenient, advanced CRM system with the help of Internet tools and platforms, so that the relationship between enterprises and a variety of customers, channels have undergone a disruptive change.

Social CRM system can help enterprises maximize the value of customer sources, but also to achieve the timeliness and convenience of communication, a strong increase in customer loyalty and durability.

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