Important tools for SEO in China

To achieve good ranking on Chinese social engines, there must be a tool, SEO tools are also important. There are lots of SEO tools out there, of course, it is not possible to use all, Baidu SEO ranking, must pick commonly used, will use, how to use, know how to use SEO tools to speed up the speed of website optimization. Of course, the number of tools, which are not here, I only recommend a few commonly used, important ones.

1. Baidu Index

Comparison is Baidu sub-products, its role is quite large, you can understand the specified keyword search volume, competition, attention, user groups and so on.

It provides an important reference for keyword analysis.

baidu index tool

2. Baidu Master Tool

After linking the website, you can push the content link to Baidu actively, the original first push, index analysis, active push, crawl judgment and other important reference, Baidu SEO optimization, for the site excellent has a great help.

3. Website Traffic Statistics Tool

Baidu statistics, the use of Baidu statistics to understand the site’s IP, UV, PV, bounce rate, etc. , you can understand the user experience of the site.

4. Zhanzhang Tools / Chinaz Tool

a, SEO zhanzhang tool:

b, Aizhan tool

c, Zhanzhang helper

This tool can be used to detect several important issues such as the web’s friend chain, 301, 404. page similarity, etc.

5.Keyword stools

a. Baidu Phoenix Nest

b.Baidu’s top-ranked

c.Baidu Promotion

d. Baidu Index

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