Tips for SEO in China

tips for seo in china

Don’t know how to do SEO for your website in Chinese version?

How to improve your channels for SEO?

Here are five essential SEO tips for your Chinese version website:

1. Website content optimization strategy

2. On-site optimization

3. Page SEO optimization plan

4. Off-site optimization

5. Comprehensive data analysis

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Tip 1: website content optimization strategy

1. Put the main content in the place where the user can see it at first sight.

This is a very important piece of information, to ensure that users can see all the key content on the page without dragging the mouse. The chance of a deal is greatest when the user is interested in the site at first glance.

2. Create attractive titles

Studies have shown that an article attracts attention for only 5 seconds, so if the title does not attract the user’s interest, the user will not continue to read the content. If the title is novel, it can immediately stimulate the user’s reading interest. This will allow users to stay longer.

3. Avoid using long paragraphs

Nothing makes the user more resentful than the long paragraphs that are densely packed. Try to control the passage of the article within a reasonable range, and need to be neatly arranged for users to read.

4. Use keywords carefully

Try to make your content contain keywords. When you use it, you must be modest, and make sure that the keywords are naturally integrated into the article. If the article contains a bunch of keywords, not only will the search engine give the site a very low weight, but it will also cause the site to lose users.

5. Users first

When writing, you need to always think about whether my article is helpful to the user. Only the articles that are helpful to the user will be read carefully.

Tip 2, on-site SEO optimization

1. Optimization of the header tag code of the website page header

It contains the page code, three major tags (title, keyword keywords, description), you need to fill in the content or call the code correctly.

2. Optimization of website H tag code

The H1 tag of a page can only appear once. The title of the article in the article page can use the H1 tag, and each other page can only use the H1 tag once (adding important content and text to H1). H other tags can be applied as appropriate.

3.a tag code optimization

The tag for all links of a website, and the jump between pages is achieved by tag code. The attributes of the tags need to be added according to the user’s experience.

4.img image tag code optimization

Where src is the address of the picture, alt is the interpretation of the picture, alt is very important for optimization, you must fill in the alt attribute when uploading pictures.

Tip 3, the page seo optimization operation

1.The description of page

This is currently not in the score when the ranking, has no direct impact on the ranking, but a good description, enough to impress people, attract people to click, is very helpful to improve clicks, more traffic, traffic Increase, this is also helpful for keyword rankings, so the description has no direct impact on the ranking, but it will also help the ranking indirectly, and the characters described are also limited. It is best not to exceed 70 Chinese characters.

2. Text page optimization

The second part of page optimization is the body.

As with title optimization, keywords are incorporated at key points in the body. However, semantics must be considered. It is not possible to intentionally write in order to incorporate keywords, so that the statements are not smooth, so the user experience is very bad.

3. Word frequency, density

When the keywords are naturally integrated into the text, the concept of word frequency and density will be involved. What is the word frequency? It is the number of times the keyword appears. That density is the number of occurrences of keywords divided by the total number of words in the words visible on the page;

However, judging the relevance of the page but judging from the word frequency and density is inaccurate. The search engine algorithm is upgraded and the calculations are more, so it is natural to use the cryptographic keyword density, but the text is good. The first 50 to 100 words have higher weights, so usually in the first paragraph of the article, our target keywords will appear;

off site optimization in china

Tip 4, off-site optimization

There are 15 ways to do offsite optimization:

1, index on Chinese search engines

2, website directory login promotion

3. Baidu Tieba Marketing

4, blog marketing

5, Baidu Zhidao marketing

6, online advertising promotion

7, website navigation promotion

8, WeChat and Weibo promotion

9, video marketing promotion

10,event sponsorship promotion

11, event marketing promotion

12, Content marketing

13. Links include outbound paid links and free exchange links

14. Posting information or registering on the B2B website

15. Post website information on newsletters or forums

seo data analytics

Tip 5. Data analysis

Good at analyzing SEO data, and carefully analyzing and constantly improving the ranking of the website.

Traffic is related to the ranking click rate, number of rankings, and number of entries. Then our data, the most important thing is to monitor these three dimensions.

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