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With the increase of national health awareness, health food, tonics have become a frequent visitor in the consumer’s shopping cart. CBNData Report shows that, for example, the Tmall platform, the amount of national health products consumption has steadily increased in the past three years, after 80, 90 is the main consumption, after 95 consumption growth is far ahead, there is a catch-up trend.

  With the cultivation of import consumption habits, through cross-border e-commerce to buy healthy “foreign goods” is also becoming more fashionable, health food and dietary nutrition supplement food is the most popular. Specifically, dietary fiber and fruit and vegetable fiber is the most popular, not only the largest number of buyers, the fastest increase in heat, can be called imported health care products. In recent years, the popular enzyme products also performed well, the number of buyers second only to dietary fiber products, heat increase also entered the top three.

  Australia, the United States and Japan became the top three most popular imported health care products, Swisse, Blackmore Australia, HealthCare three from Australia’s health care products king, for Chinese consumption, must have been familiar with. However, in recent years to POLA whitening pills, medical homologous enzymes as the representative of the Japanese health care products, has swept the major network communities of the trend, the impact can not be underestimated.

swisse calcium vitamin d

  In addition to health care products, more in line with the Chinese health awareness of tonic nutrition is also growing at a high rate. Open-cover ready-to-eat ready-to-eat bird’s nest siphons has become the most popular imported tonic nutrient in the past year, followed by honey and ginseng.

  It is worth noting that the taste of Q bullet, a variety of fruit tastes, in Tmall international, these popular imported health care products are popular with young consumers are transformed into soft candy, jelly, biscuits, milkshakes and other snack forms of functional food, with an average annual rate of more than 300% to maintain high growth for 2 consecutive years, to meet the demand of Chinese consumers for imported health care products.

  Today’s 90/95 after the young people more and more pay attention to “food supplement”, not only oral beauty is popular: boureuric acid, enzymes, collagen have become food and drink. Health care products are also becoming more and more delicious, soft candy type, jelly type and other better taste of health care products are increasingly favored. According to Tmall international consumer data show that although more and more young users began to buy health care products, but often because of difficult to swallow, “take medicine” and difficult to adhere to, the general can of health care products in 6-9 months, consumers often eat intermittently for half a year, some even expired. And elements of fudge, essence jelly so that consumers began to health care products as candy, when snacks to eat. Coupled with the human style and carrying portability changed the eating habits, the purchase cycle of goods greatly shortened, only 10 days.

  In addition to the young, middle-aged and elderly people are also the first group to import health products. CBNData Report shows that basic trace element supplement, cardiovascular health, enhance immunity, improve bone density is the effect of consumers in middle-aged and elderly health care products more concerned, so with the corresponding efficacy of calcium tablets, fish oil, ammonia glucose to become a hot product for the middle-aged and elderly groups, the largest number of buyers. Calcium, probiotics, dietary fiber is the middle-aged and elderly imported health care products in the market the fastest promotion of TOP3 products, which added vitamin D and amino glucose and other functional elements of calcium health care products are the most popular.

  It is not difficult to see that the development of cross-border consumption of national health will present the characteristics of type diversification, enrichment, health personalization, quality specialization and so on, domestic e-commerce is providing more and more consumers with health products purchase channels.

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