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redbook marketing tips

Xiaohongshu, also known as “redbook”, “Red”, “small red book”, has 220 million users.

70% of the post are -90s, 300% of users, and nearly 1 billion exposures per day. The powerful data inspired everyone to sell products and do brand marketing on the Xiaohongshu platform

The small red book population is mainly female, up to 86.05%, and males only account for 13.95%.

Young people aged 20-35 account for 90% of the total number of people, and in terms of consumption levels, they are basically in the middle and above. The little red book affects the lifestyle and consumption of this generation.

xiaohongshu marketing

First, the advantages of the small red book

Community Genes: From the PGC-style one-way export shopping guide to the UGC-style overseas shopping sharing community.

Planting grass platform: Many stars share the notes with high-quality people, and become a famous “grass platform” in the industry, and also a “soft language gathering place”.

Taobao get through: Hand-Amoy’s new round of internal testing has achieved the content of the small red book, which means that you will see a little red book on Taobao in the future.

Accurate flow: A medium-sized consumer and above-based group of women, forming an ultra-precise flow pool.

Based on the above advantages, we can see that there are mainly three strategies for promoting Xiaohongshu.

Second, the star KOL explosion recommended

With the star effect and followers, let the brand or product burst in a short time; deepen the grass, use the skills, buy links… to share the presupposition to eat, wear and play.

Formed “creative production, star recommendation, KOL grass, guide purchase” marketing closed loop.

influencer words

Third, content marketing

Massive net red high quality dry goods content creates a “phenometic level screen” for the brand.

1. Initiate the topic: rely on big data analysis, target group portraits, peer competing word data to conceive topics.

2, influencers: Amway from a net red to dozens of influencers, attracting KOL to form a specific UGC atmosphere.

3, fan interaction: Simultaneously launch fan interaction activities, with the power of fans to generate marketing fission.

Examples of interaction: interacting with the bloggers and awarding prizes, such as: comments, prizes, active prizes, and sun-drenched prizes. Pull the online popularity into the line.

4, hot recommendation: master the small red book platform content recommendation mechanism, the combination of internal and external means, so that the effect is immediate.

Recommended skills: internal skills: accurate keyword acquisition; screening high-quality weight accounts. External skills: Enhance the number of ratings through external channels.

5, purchase: small red book promotion notes / video soft-implanted goods purchase links, improve the purchase rate.

Sales conversion: interspersed with user recommendations and welfare agency product recommendations in notes, increasing product exposure and increasing order volume

6. Red race grass evaluation marketing

“Planting grass” does not require large and complete, but requires small and beautiful, deep cultivation in a certain vertical field, and creates a unique sense of belonging and belonging for people in a particular circle.

1, small red book vertical field segmentation, according to the brand’s field of circle marketing, such as maternal and child circle, cute baby circle, fashion circle, skin care circle, make-up circle, etc., deep cultivation and refined marketing.

2, social network: through the community to connect users, create a sense of community belonging to them, and tap the community economy.

3, KOL opinion leaders personalized display, personal evaluation, using personal brand to drive the user’s identification and follow, to achieve the brand grass.

4, mature population monument: strong relationship promotion, high trust, sharing reciprocity, to achieve the purpose of planting grass.

While enhancing brand awareness, it also establishes a unique image of the brand and brings a higher transformation to the brand.

According to the micro-hotspots, we analyzed the distribution of Weibo users’ fans who participated in the discussion of “Little Red Book” in the past January.

The number of Weibo users with 0-49 fans is about 300K, the number of Weibo users with 50-199 fans is about 110K, and the number of Weibo users with more than 2000 is about 60K.

These data from the side explain that in addition to the star KOL’s “grass” and “cargo” ability, and the amateur sharing is the favorite content of the small red book users.


When you do marketing on the Redbook,the ROI must be considered. Choosing the medium and low KOL with potential and content production ability is the most secure.

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