10 Strategies for QQ Group Marketing

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1.Add all members of your group as your friends.

When we join a group, we can quietly add precise group friends as your friends. Based on the current Tencent restrictions, each number can only add dozens of friends every day. This work can not be anxious, rely on It is a long-term accumulation, which is gradual, and of course, you can also operate several numbers at the same time. If you are really in a hurry, you can pay for MiaoTui.com and add these group friends as friends. After that, you have several promotion options. First, you can use space soft text to promote products or services. Second, build a Group, pull all the friends you pull into the group, so you have a precise group of your own, third, chat more with friends to strengthen the interaction between friends, the effect of marketing is sure

2. Export the mailbox data of group members for email promotion.

When we have a lot of industry groups, we can use software to export the mailbox data of group members, and then use the email to promote related products.

3. Advertise in the group that has joined.

This method is actually not very respected, but if your group is too large to count, and you really want to do this, it is also a good suggestion.

4.Use QQ group sharing for soft promotion.

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This trick is a way that many friends who do group promotion like very much. This way is well understood. The service or product to be promoted is skillfully integrated into valuable e-books or videos, and then these E-books or videos are uploaded to your group, because the uploaded materials have a certain value, the owners and administrators will not easily delete them, so group members or new friends can contact us by downloading e-books or videos Products or services.

5. Promotion through private chat with friends.

This is the most aggressive group promotion method. If you have a lot of salesmen, you may try it. Although it is hard, it still has effect! When you add a group, you can use a pair of methods to chat with each member of the group (except the management). This private chat, different people use different methods, the effect will be different!

6. Create group discussion groups for promotion.

Another very good way to promote! Pulling group friends to the discussion group is also quite rogue, but it is more practical. In a group of 500 people, if the main body of the group is very relevant to your product, then you can take this approach. A discussion group can enter 25 people, and a group, you can combine into a left and right discussion group, so that the entire group People can see your message, even better than the advertisements posted in the group, because there are many diving group friends in the group, don’t check the group at all, but if you drag him to the discussion group, you must remind him not send ads directly.

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7. Get the owner, mix into the management

We enter a group. Advertisement directly in the group, palm sweating, blood splattering, because they will be kicked out of the group.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we bought the owners of this group and even mixed them with the title of admin and then promoted it? remember! The most trusted person in a group is often the owner!

8. Mass mail promotion.

If the group mail can be successfully sent out, your email can reach the group member’s mailbox in an instant, and there will be a pop-up window.

9, long-term lurking, build trust, and take control afterwards!

This way is highly recommended! The main points are: long-term lurking in the group, becoming friends with group members, and turning group friends into customers. For newly joined groups, interact with group friends. As the interaction deepens, many group friends have a lot of trust in you. You can add them as friends, which can eliminate their alertness. This method The key is persistence! Deep cultivation! As the so-called pays more, the harvest is more!

10. Product Marketing in QQ Group When the QQ group has been operating for a period of time, and the people in the group are more familiar, they can start to try to sell their products, but selling products is not to let you advertise endlessly. The best way is to organize QQ group activities and win prizes. Events to introduce your products. For example, in a Q & A activity, set up some small questions related to the product for the group members to answer, you can get one prize for the correct 3 questions, and you can get one red envelope. This kind of prize can be an online product or a trial package of your product. Finally, it is a trial package. It may bring you more customers. Of course, the red envelope cannot be too small

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