Chinese eCommerce Consulting

An US Company Wants to Export Products to China from US ! Client: An American Food Manufacturer Our goal: Find the suitable solution for entering Chinese market. Industry: Chinese Market Entry Services: Marketing Consulting,Market Research.

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Website Marketing

An US company Needs to Marketing Their Website in China ! Challenge: Language Barrier, Not Familiar with Different Digital Marketing Solution. Our goal: Use both organic and paid ads ranking website on Chinese search engines. Industry: Website Digital Marketing Services: Website Marketing Consulting,Social Media Marketing , Baidu Marketing, SEO  etc

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social media marketing

China Social Media Marketing

An eCommerce App prepares for big change to enter Chinese market ! Client: An Australian cross-border company Our goal: Develop a differentiated strategy for marketing the cross-border app in China market. Industry: eCommerce Market Entry Services: Marketing Consulting, Branding Consulting,Social Media Marketing

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Chinese Online Marketing Training

A Russian Company Wants to Learn How to Do Marketing in China! Client: A Russian English Training Company Our goal: Train the company to know the solutions for digital marketing in China Industry: eCommerce Digital Marketing Services: Marketing Consulting,Social Media Marketing Training, Baidu Marketing, SEO Training etc

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Lead Generation

Find Distributors for selling on Chinese eCommerce Platform ! Client: A supplement manufacturer from USA Our goal:  Research on the current market for the supplement, find Suitable and reliable distributors for the client Industry: Health, eCommerce Services:  Market research and find distributor.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for service website ! Client: A client from UK Our goal: Working on both on-site & off-site optimization, and improve the ranking on Chinese search engines. Industry: Digital Marketing Services:  Market Research

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