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What is search engine used in China?

The following are the most popular search engine in China:

Baidu, Sogou, Haosou, Google, Bing and Shenma.

Source: Statcounter


What is Baidu?

Baidu search engine belongs to Baidu Inc, is the largest search engine in China. It was founded in January 2020. The headquarter is in Beijing. Its logo is the Chinese Pinyin name.

The Baidu Stocks in NASDAQ: BIDU. The Baidu stock price is US$122 on June 17, 2020.

Baidu provides a broad range of products, including Baidu browser, encyclopedia, video, Baidu maps, music, Baidu news, Baidu Cloud, Baidu Translator, Baidu Tieba, Baidu Wangpan. It shared a 71.57% search engine market in China in May 2020 according to the data from Statcounter. They offer the Baidu app for both desktop and mobile devices.

If you search for the Baidu English search engine China, you may consider using Google translate to help you with the translation.

Here we will get to know more about the four Baidu services: Baidu Baike, Baidu Knows, Baidu Wenku, Baidu Tieba, etc.

Why we list the four Baidu services?

As we all know, Baidu is the biggest search engine in China, and we will need to get ranking on the Baidu search engine China. Baidu develops these four services. It will be useful and quick to get indexed on the best search engine in China.

  • Baidu Baike

This is an online encyclopedia, similar to Wikipedia. It’s a free Chinese encyclopedia. More than 7 million people participated in editing the contents. It contains more than 16 million items in different fields. The articles provide links to the related pages with additional information.

There are four advantages to engage fans or traffic from Baidu Baike: high strength, high-quality, high conversion, low-cost.

Baidu baike homepage

Tips for getting followers and traffic on Baidu Baike:

  1. Check the Wikipedia information of a similar company or individual, and write your own.
  2. Learn the rules of Baike, follow the rules.
  3. Add some long-tail keywords which you target and help your potential customers can find you.
  4. Add your WeChat or link on the reference source.
  5. Take pictures that have your company logo, background, or a team, etc.
  • Baidu Knows/Zhidao

Baidu Knows, also called Baidu Zhidao, it’s a Q&A network, like the Quora in China. People can ask questions, search answers, or answer questions on this network. 

The method to get traffic from Baidu Zhidao is to answer the questions with your keywords or your advertisement.

Tips for using Baidu Zhidao

  1. Focus on the questions in your niche
  2. Be the first to answer the questions posted on Zhidao and offer a high-quality solution.
  3. Use the proper technique to add your information while answering the questions.
  • Baidu Wenku/Document

Wenku is an online document sharing platform where you can share the documents with tens of millions of users. The material covers a wide range of industries, including K12 education, laws, language teaching, economy management, technology, art, book, worksheet, PPT template, etc.

You can offer free documents on Wenku, or you can set a price for it.

Three techniques for getting fans on Wenku:

  1. Add keywords on the title of the document
  2. Choose a high-quality document to engage fans
  3. Get a good design and layout for your document
  • Baidu Tieba

Baidu Tieba is integrated with Baidu search engine, an online communication platform that allows people with the same interests to gather together to exchange and help each other.

Useful tips for using Tieba:

  1. Choose a tieba that has a large number of your target audience
  2. Create your own Tieba
  3. Utilize the hottest topic to discuss with the potential audience
  4. Post-high-quality content and interactive with others
  5. Use videos to attract more fans


Baidu is the top china’s search engine if you want to get a high ranking on China search engines. You will need to use an effective strategy to do the SEO for your website.


Sogou is a short Pinyin name of a Sougou which owned by Tencent and Sohu. It was founded in August 2004. The headquarter is in Beijing.

Sogou provides different kinds of products, including the Sogou Browser, Sogou Input Method, translator, calculator, weather report tool,  etc. Sogou is one of the best search engines in China. You can search for the news, maps, blogs, video, Zhihu, etc.


Haosou, called Qihoo 360, was founded in 2012. It is similar to other search engines of china. People can search for news, videos, Question & Answers, maps, etc.


Shenma is a mobile device search engine. It was developed by the UC company and Alibaba group in 2013. It focuses on mobile users.


What is Bing?

Bing is a search engine which provides videos, maps, images, translator, etc. Microsoft owned the Bing search engine. It works in China, no VPN needed.

People in China use different services from Bing, such as Bing translation, bing images search

advertising with bing, bing webmaster tools, etc.

Both the Bing desktop and app are available in China. It just takes a few minutes to download Bing.


You might ask, “Is Google blocked in China”? Yes, you are right.  You can only access Google via VPN. People in Hong Kong and Taiwan can access it, and they can access Google HK or Google TW. 

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