What is the most popular content on WeChat?

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As we all know, the content marketing for a WeChat official account is very important. But what is the most popular content on WeChat?

Here are the research data of reading articles:

Users read an average of 5.86 articles on the WeChat platform every day.

5.86 is an average, and there are big differences in the number of articles that different users read every day. As can be seen from the chart, 23% of users read only one article per day on average, but 20% of users read 6 to 10 articles per day. Users who read more than 3 articles per day accounted for 51% of the total number of articles, and users who read less than 3 articles also accounted for 49%. This means that heavy reading users are willing to spend more time reading articles on them, but some users may not spend too much time reading them.

80% of the subscription number is from WeChat moments.

There are a lot of readings from WeChat moment, which is in line with the 2/8 distribution principle. “20% of users go to the subscription number to pick content, and then 80% of users read it in the circle of friends.” It seems that an account with a large fan number cannot increase the number of readings if it does not produce attractive content.

Emotion, health and political and legal news are most popular

most popular contents on wechat

What kind of WeChat public article is the most popular? The two tables show very clearly: emotional, health and political and legal news are among the top three in terms of reading and sharing. Especially emotional information and health content, far more than other types of content, users love to read and love to share.

Compared with the number of readers and the number of shared people, the disease pathology is not the top ten in the number of readers, but it is the fourth in terms of sharing. Financial news has read a lot, but the amount of sharing has disappeared from the top ten.

61% of WeChat users forwarded articles to WeChat moments.

contents sharing data on WeChat

WeChat users saw the moments they wanted to forward, 61% forwarded them to moments, and 39% of the moments were forwarded to friends. Targeted sharing can be seen as a feature of WeChat users sharing articles. Although forwarding to a moment allows more friends to see it, there are still nearly 40% of the content forwarded to friends.

From the above data can summarize several characteristics:

1. The WeChat public account, which already has a large number of users, is also facing operational pressure. You can’t rely solely on users to find content from the subscription number, but to produce more quality content that users are willing to share and forward.

2. User readings show a polarization trend, which means the article shares the Matthew effect. Imagine a scenario. If an article is frequently forwarded in a circle of friends, for those users who read less, they may be more inclined to read the article that everyone is forwarding, which will promote the exponential increment of the number of articles read.

3. It is more and more difficult to attract users to subscribe to an account. When users find that they rarely read content from the subscription number, their motivation to subscribe will continue to fade, because the content forwarded by friends in the circle of friends is the main source of information.

This shows that good content will become more and more important in the future WeChat public number platform.

Content that is easy to share has the following characteristics:

  • The topic of the article is positive, and the reader is excited after reading it;
  • An article that makes users very angry and scared;
  • Let readers feel that they are not only smart, but also well-informed and knowledgeable;
  • Practical and easy to remember content;
  • A valuable story.

These points correspond to the types of articles that have the highest reading and sharing on WeChat. Emotional information, political and legal news is not a story, but also easy to produce emotional reactions?

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