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In the SEO optimization of the website, the difference between the mobile terminal and the PC end? What are the good solutions for mobile site SEO?

Most of the traffic now comes from the mobile side, and it is also the mobile phone we usually use. Now, if you choose to be a mobile website, it is very necessary. Then someone wants to ask, is the mobile terminal ready? No optimization, not like this, mobile optimization and PC-side optimization are two different levels of optimization, so today we will talk about how to optimize the mobile side.

1, The domain name selection of the mobile website.

At present, most of the solutions for mobile websites are based on the original basis of their own pc website ( ( This is beneficial to the rule that triggers the search engine when the website explores the mobile optimization algorithm is downgraded and affects other websites.

2,The website opens fast, fast, fast and fast.

The faster the website opens, the better. The speed of mobile Internet access is much worse than the speed of Internet access. Even now, 4G network is gradually becoming popular. It is better to control the mobile station to open at 1-3s. If you do, the user may close the website. Website URL normalization (URL static) helps to increase the speed at which the website opens.

Quickly load website methods:

(1) Compress the file into Gzip format.

(2), use the tool to lossless compression of the picture.

(3) Try to avoid meaningless web page redirection.

(4), using static cache.

(5), asynchronous scripts are converted to background download.

(6), reduce the size of CSS and JS.

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3,The website’s three labels title, Description, keywords.

The title, Deion, and keywords are written in the same way as the pc. What you need to pay attention to is the number of characters. The number of Title characters is controlled by 15-18 Chinese characters; the number of description characters is controlled at 40-45 Chinese characters; I will not say more about keywords, as you can (now the algorithms in the search engine are not important).

4,Tthe page layout of the mobile station. The mobile phone screen is small. When a user clicks on a link in the website, it is easy to misunderstand other adjacent links. Therefore, the mobile website must be designed with the button in mind. The website design should be simple and generous, and there should be no messy meaningless links and bullets. The window appears. Because the content displayed by the mobile station is limited, it is necessary to display its core and reduce the user’s search time, which will greatly enhance the user experience.

5, Mobile support technology

Some technologies that can be used on a PC may not be supported on mobile devices. For example, some mobile devices do not support flash. If the page uses flash, the user may not see anything at all.

Some image formats are not supported on mobile devices, so try to use PNG, JPG and other formats, while some mobile device browsers do not support JS, other plug-in, frame, etc. on mobile devices. Support is not complete.

6, The logo of the mobile website

Submitting the corresponding relationship in the head and website map can help the search engine quickly recognize the relationship between the pc station and the mobile station.

With the development of the mobile terminal, 50% of the traffic of many websites comes from the mobile terminal. How do you make your traffic seamlessly improve from the search engine? For example, if you have high traffic on Baidu, I hope that the mobile traffic will continue to be very high. Try not to make the search engine feel tired. The search engine will propose a lot of tags. For example, these tags are recognized by the search engine. Your logo tells me whether the code is for the PC or mobile.

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7, When the mobile station is built, the conversion between the PC website and the PC website

When building a new website on the mobile side, make sure that there is a corresponding navigation and prompt link between the mobile website and the page of the PC-side website. One is convenient for the user to switch between the mobile phone and the PC, and it is also convenient for the search engine to record the new mobile terminal. website.

A good display method must be to open the PC URL on the mobile phone. The display must be the mobile terminal; opening a mobile website URL on the PC will also automatically jump to the PC display mode, which requires an intelligent jump. rule.

Currently supported jump rules are two types, one is HTTP orientation, one is js orientation, HTTP is directed to Baidu, Google is recognized, it is a rule that uses redirection, but the difference is that Baidu likes 301, that is, permanent redirection, Google uses 302, the temporary redirect, Google is a technology company, so he can understand the function of the code in js, so he is supported, but if you use Baidu, you can not use js orientation.

8,The mobile site needs to control the image, Flash and pop-up windows and other elements

Inserting Flash animations and pictures into the website, they take up a lot of space, and it is particularly slow to open on the mobile side due to the limitation of the network speed. For mobile users, the cost of traffic is undoubted, so if you want to pursue the beauty of mobile stations effect, while adding a lot of Flash and images, is very unfriendly to the user, and spider crawling is also hindered.

9. Content construction strategy of mobile website

Users who use mobile devices to connect to the Internet are more focused on the timeliness and interactivity of the content. Popular information such as news, events, events, etc. are the focus of mobile users, which means that mobile station construction requires companies to think about the user’s position, how to attract users’ attention, the content of the website needs to be contacted. When the hot spot is updated, it needs to have some emotional value related to the user, so that it is possible to continue to get the user’s attention.

10, Mobile SEO optimization keyword selection

Because the mobile and the display media on the PC are different, there will be differences in the selection of the target keyword, the operation on the mobile terminal is troublesome, and the user is more inclined to the phrase prompt. Therefore, when the webmaster lays out keywords for the mobile website, the layout core is preferred. The keyword search drop-down words or related search words are used as keywords. Of course, this also depends on the actual competition difficulty and the competitiveness of the website itself.

In addition, mobile users are more focused on localized search, such as local food, maps, travel and other searches based on their own location, just like if you want to eat steak on a street in Shanghai, you will search for Shanghai + location + Steak, this is the feature of mobile search, localized search takes precedence.

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11, Impact of external chain construction on mobile SEO

The PC-side website has a wide variety of external links, such as anchor text links, news soft links, friendship links, etc., but the mobile terminal does not currently have the concept of external links, and some mobile websites also have some friendly links. As for these external links. Whether it has a role in improving the ranking of mobile websites, and how big the role is, I still have to study by SEOer.

12, The use of mobile terminals

Nowadays, smart phones are basically touch screens. Page elements such as buttons and links need to be medium-sized and suitable for finger clicks. At the same time, there are some features on the mobile phone that are different from PCs, such as direct dialing and geographical location, which can be provided on mobile phones.

The above is the difference between the mobile terminal and the PC end, but as long as you do the above, you can master some skills between the mobile terminal and the PC terminal.

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