Marketing calendar in 2019

calendar 2019

Hot July:

Festivals: CPC Founding Day , the return of Hong Kong to China.

Keywords: Summer, hot, patriotic.


Festivals: Chinese Valentine’s Day, Army Day, Ghost Day

Keywords: Summer, hot, patriotic, lovers, ghost etc.


Festivals: Teachers’ Day, Mid-autumn Day.

Keywords: Autumn, school opens, appreciate teachers, reunion, family.


Festivals: National Day, Halloween.

Keywords: Autumn, travelling, go home, date, marriage, caring.


Festivals: Single day, Thank-giving day, Black Friday.

Keywords: Winter, Taobao, Promotion, Buy-buy, thanks giving, gift.

 marketing in december


It’s the last month of a year.

Festivals: Christmas day, New year.

Keywords: snow, safety, happiness, warm, caring etc.

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