How to make money from your videos?

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Short video is a very good way to get fans and conversions. But how to make money from your videos if you have got lots of fans?

  1. Video Platform Bonuses

This is the way most self-media people now rely on to make money, to distribute video on a profitable platform, rely on video traffic to earn platform revenue, there are the following ways:

1). platform advertising dividends

In the revenue platform to serve video, after the opening of advertising revenue, the video every time play, the platform ads will have a corresponding exposure, the platform will be based on the amount of video playback to the operator’s corresponding advertising dividends.

special offer ads

Now there are a lot of revenue from the media platform, such as the headlines, big fish and other self-media platforms, Sohu, Youku and other online video sites, as well as short video APP sites, such as fast hands, volcanoes, these platforms can rely on video playback to make money corresponding income, as to the specific video unit price needs to be based on the two platforms.

2).platform subsidies Now the short video is the media, the platform of short video support is very strong, like the headline s1 billion last year announced to support short video, so in the headlines, video traffic or unit price are policy advantages, and the headline “million-dollar plan”, big fish “big fish plan”, Tencent’s “mankind plan”

Are high-quality original content operators can go to the support fund.

3).platform reward

In many video platforms will have the corresponding reward function, such as A station, B station, content operators can rely on fans to reward to obtain revenue, in some since the media platform to open the original function, but also can open the reward function.

4). platform reward

Each platform hosts creative events, such as Big Fish last year, and we can participate in the right activities and earn bonuses based on the right areas of operation or content direction.

  • Ads earning

Here’s advertising cashing does not refer to the platform dividend but refers to external advertising, now short video marketing is a lot of enterprises or teams attach great importance to the marketing methods, as long as your video account operation is good, data volume is stable, naturally back to advertisers to find the door. There are also many ways of advertising implantation, such as oral broadcast, line implantation, prop implantation, background music implantation, scene implantation, etc. are very good implantation methods, in the implantation should pay attention to the convergence of advertising and video content, and strive for nature, do not affect the user’s perception.

Advertisers can also make specific ad videos if they have a good budget.

ecommerce store
  • E-commerce Income

1) .Bring traffic to your website

This is suitable for their own operators of e-commerce, insert relevant store information in short videos, convert traffic to their own e-commerce platform, and then in the e-commerce platform for traffic cash.

2). Taobao Ke

Some platforms are like the headlines, Sohu, you can insert a link in a short video, users to click on the link to buy success, operators can get the corresponding commission, this then choose goods should pay attention to their own video content, do not let users have a sense of division, impact perception.

  • Teaching/Coaching Business

After the account completes the fan accumulation, you can do the corresponding project training, pay questions and answers or knowledge output, from the media gold digger into the selling shovel people.

The above revenue or cashing in the final analysis is the need for operators to do a good job of content, continuous output of high-quality short video, so that there will be high playback volume and high-quality fans

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