The Trust Crisis of Selling Products by KOL

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KOL traffic data fraud, live delivery product quality “overturned”, KOL drug ingredients have repeatedly been questioned by experts. As a new marketing method that has been promoted by e-commerce and live broadcast platforms in the past two years, “KOL SellingGoods” is facing the dual pressure of public opinion and supervision after experiencing explosive growth.

Recently, the People’s Daily, Xinhuanet and other media have successively commented on the current chaos in the online KOL-selling market. Xinhuanet pointed out in the report that the low-threshold and high-return sales situation of KOL-selling goods quickly won the favor of merchants. At the same time, false propaganda deceived consumers to buy inferior products, live data fraud, fraudulent merchants and advertising fees were also highlighted.

According to reports, Yang Hongcan, director of the Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau of the State Administration of Markets, pointed out on October 17 that the regulatory authorities are highly concerned about the information on net red food, and will implement food safety violations through channels such as the Internet, e-commerce platform, social media, and TV shopping. Fighting hard.

Double eleven is approaching, “KOL goods” ushered in standard regulation, or will have a certain impact on the e-commerce platform.

Compared with the previous KOL, which took a few minutes to bring in tens of millions of data, nearly half of the netizens chose not to buy, and did not believe that the results of the recommended products were somewhat unexpected.

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According to the “2019 Taobao Live Ecological Development Trend Report” released by and Taobao Live, the number of anchors who joined Taobao Live in 2018 increased by 180% year-on-year. The Taobao live platform brought over 100 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of nearly 400. %, more than 400 live broadcast rooms with a monthly sales volume of more than 1 million.

It is undeniable that in the past year, KOL, platform and advertisers have realized the increase of their traffic, active users and sales through the way of red goods, but the above vote also reflects that the current red tape is also facing consumers. The crisis of trust.

“KOL goods often rely on consumers’ trust in KOL’s trust. Generally speaking, the head KOL pick-up promotion team will have people who specialize in product control. The probability of encountering Lei products is relatively small, but many small KOLs. The brand side will give money to promote, and the product problems are more.” A marketing person in the industry told the financial network that “KOL wants to realize the flow of traffic and finally go to bring the goods. Basically, the channel is realized, there is no more choices like YouTube is like the way traffic is divided. The reality is that good advertisers have higher requirements for data and content, and the head is competitive. There is not much room for choice for so many KOLs to make money.”

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Under the network red-selling marketing model, KOL needs to be responsible for the quality of the products, but the current chaos is also caused by a variety of factors such as a single mode of economic redemption, lack of platform control, and inadequate supervision.

“KOL goods are the new format of Internet sales promotion, but because the live broadcast platform is not perfect in the content review mechanism, supervision and management, so that some “KOL goods” have been exploited, such as live data fraud, three no products rampage Problems such as false advertisements, and the quality of the products is not enough. The payment methods are mostly privately traded through WeChat and other convenient methods. In addition, most of the live broadcast merchants sell the fake and inferior goods and then change them to the shelves, causing consumers not to place orders, etc. In the purchase contract, once a consumer dispute arises, the later return and exchange can not be guaranteed, and it is difficult to defend the rights.” Meng Huixin, a legal rights analyst of Netcom, told the financial network that “the current supervision of the network red goods is not strong. The platform does not give force or even “connivance” and other methods, but also makes consumers have no complaints. The future platform supervision and regulation of content, review and other aspects are urgently needed.”

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