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You will meet some problems when you interact with your followers or users.  Maybe many people feel that the user’s stickiness is not high, fan survival and conversion effect is also very low, but they do not know how to solve the issues. In fact, their interaction with users did not work well.

Here are 10 useful methods for you that you can use for interaction with your users.

1.Automatic reply setting for instruction:

Automatic reply is very important, such as keyword reply, followers to reply, etc., these are conducive to guide users to carry out interaction.

2. The Keywords reply at the bottom of the article:

As the name implies, this keyword is generally placed at the bottom of the article, once to guide the user to reply, as well as get some related content.

question and answer

3. Set up interactive columns:

Interactive columns can generally be placed in the menu bar, so that users can easily get the content they need or contact the operator.

4. Actively send directory:

you can send the previous high-quality article filter out, push to the user, so that fans can easily view.

5. Reply to fan questions in a timely manner:

When fans ask you questions, be sure to respond in a timely manner, so that fans feel the importance you attach to him, so that the stickiness can be enhanced.

6. Offer free e-contents/articles:

If a user is concerned about you, indicating that you can be valuable to him, but want to keep him to pay attention to you, then you need to give him some dry goods from time to time.

2019 good wishes

7. Send a blessing to fans:

perhaps you can not be regularly pushed articles to fans every day, this time it is better to send users some blessing words, such as happy holidays, happy weekend ah, are also very warm heart.

8. Try to make friends with fans:

To do this you need to give your public number personality, let the user feel that your public number is a character, have ideas, can let the user like the person.

9. Leave some interesting messages to do interactive communicate:

people are curious and like to get together, this time if someone to comment on your article, there will be people to follow the comments.

10. Activity interaction:

Mainly, regular or irregular activities to engage users, so that not only can increase the user’s stickiness, and even attract new fans.

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