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get more followers for wechat official account

For the WeChat official account, it is not easy to get followers without effective ways. Here we list 10 effective ways to get more followers for your WeChat public account.

1. WeChat red envelope promotion method

WeChat red envelope promotion, you can make a red envelope link, or scratch, money tree, big turntable and the like, and then use the red envelope to attract users, such H5 links can be done on many platforms, such as micro flyers, water drop public platform. However, there are two points to note:

First, you must first pay attention to the public number before you can participate in the activities, and guide customers to share to achieve fission, provided that your temptation is large enough; second, the event collection method can be directly issued by a third-party platform, or you want to guide users to add personal WeChat collection. Then build a WeChat group red envelope.

The drawback is that the user is not accurate enough, it is very likely to cancel the attention after receiving the red envelope, so it is prudent to use this method.

2. Software Promotion

There are a lot of mission-type websites, such as Yipin Weike.com, Tucaizhu, Pig Bajie, Quick Push Po, and powder… It’s too much, not one by one, everyone can Baidu. These sites can pay attention to your public account with a small amount of money, and you can also let them share your public number to a circle of friends. To put it bluntly, these platforms will help you promote as long as you give money.

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3.SEO promotion method

Of course, this is not like the one you see directly on Baidu’s bidding, but to do seo yourself. Indeed, seo wants to do the first few or even the screen effect, and it takes a lot of time to rely on personal efforts. There are several key points here: keywords, search for your public number related keywords on Sogou WeChat, such as Xiaobian’s “Operation”, “Promotion”, “Self-media” and “Advertising”. We first find some words with high search index, and then consciously send keyword articles, valuable content, or comments, posts, etc. in their search engine products, and take Baidu, there are many products: Baidu knows, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Experience, Baidu Snapshot, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Library, Baidu Weimeng… If you don’t know, search for keywords directly on Baidu, and look at the top pages in order. Then go to register one by one and send a message. These are the weights that will increase your keywords. In time, many people will pay attention to your public number through search engines.

Second, the quality of the article must be high, otherwise you will not have more weight in spam.

The third is to guide, you can put the dry goods in the public number or the cloud disk, others need to add your public number first. A good article with proper guidance is equivalent to sucking powder!

4. Post on other social media, forums and channels

Weibo, post bar, community, forum, fish pond, exploration, MoMo, tribe, etc.

The number of people on Weibo is also very hot. There is a recommendation mechanism on the platform. Some people will add you whenever you want. You can apply for a Weibo account with the same name as your own public account. Stick to Weibo every day and give others more praise and write. Comments (writing comments is a good way to guide users’ attention. Many popular articles have a lot of advertisements below. The experience is that you need to find those that are too hot, and the comments are low but the quality is high.) Post it, community, forum…etc. In addition to this manual posting, there are a lot of free software available on the market to achieve such a function, but to ensure the security of the account.

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5. Self-media platform promotion method

The WeChat public account is invincible because of the large user base and the advantages of convenient communication in the later period. Secondly, today’s headlines claim to have 700 million users, but the users tend to be younger. The recommendation mechanism of today’s headlines is mostly the title party.

In other platforms such as Baijiahao, No., and what QQ self-media, Sohu from the media, etc. is nothing more than an auxiliary paste of a platform article, but remember to be original, even if you can not original at least you can also know, Jane The resources on the book are integrated, the originality is also high, the originality is high, and with a good title, there will be reading.

6. Friends and relatives, QQ group promotion method

At first, you must be looking for friends and relatives. If you think that the relationship is not bad, let a friend help you push a business card or write a more popular article asking friends to forward it. After all, one person passes hundreds and hundreds of people pass thousands. Through some WeChat promotion software, 10w+ articles are posted on your own public number card, and then forwarded through the circle of friends. Good luck can also attract many fans. So as for QQ group promotion, because WeChat can’t search related industry groups, you can only promote it by exchanging or letting group members pull you in. qq group is different, you just search into the industry group, then low-key advertising Send a public article, send a business card, or mix with the owner, I believe there are many people who are willing to add you by searching for WeChat name.

7. QR code promotion method

The use of QR codes can be said to be flooding. I would like to list two common two-dimensional codes:

7.1. Personal business card promotion, we also call it “micro business card”. There is a platform that seems to be able to exchange many business people by exchanging business cards. 33cm seems to be possible, this business card can also be printed out and issued offline.

7.2. Cooperate with industrial merchants to print your QR code on the product. For example, Jiang Xiaobai’s packaging often has a QR code. As for the specific cooperation, I want to see your personal determination.

7.3. Two-dimensional code printer, if you have capital, you can buy a QR code printer in the square or crowd of people, print the photos for free by scanning the QR code plus the public number, and it is not a dream.

8, Advertisers promote,KOL marketing

At the beginning, the cost of advertisers is still very low. Many public numbers only need to be left inside, and there are tens of thousands of powders at random, and this fan is relatively accurate. Companies want to run their own public account, this method is the most simple and rude, but to submit relevant qualifications and certification.

A man is writing content.

9. Content marketing

Xiao Bian has always believed in the power of soft text, because Xiao Bian often sees a good article, and it makes sense. It may just be instilled in the subconscious mind of the desire to buy. In short, the power of soft text promotion is very big. You can choose to put the industry’s first articles on the major newspapers online. These articles will be charged differently according to the time and region, but the general price is not expensive, and the most important is permanent. Add your own public number card or QR code to the article and you can also enter the powder.

10. Focus on hotlines, emojis promotions, H5 promotion ,mini-program promotion

For the hotlines, you can refer to the Wang Baoqiang incident. How do you promote the hot expression pack? If you can make an emoticon package, you can download it by following the public number, or you can post it on the Internet. If someone clicks, it will jump to your public account.

Finally, these are 10 methods, each of which can attract a lot of fans/followers as long as you focus on doing it, doing it fine, and doing the details well. But the key to the key lies in two points. One: the content is king. There is no quality content to support everything in vain. Second: Perseverance, what can be successful, the WeChat public account is the same, you are destined to spend a lot of time in the first half or even a year, you can only look very relaxed if you work hard!

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