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Tips for enrolling Chinese students for your online teaching or education business.

Generally speaking, the education and training industry is much simpler than the traditional education industries, such as finance, Internet and FMCG, in terms of business scale, customer audience, market, sales strategy and competitive environment.

If we want to make a simple summary of the education and training industry, it is a center and two basic points.

One key important factor is a product.

One of the most important things is the product. Whether it is to provide customers with physical products or services, the quality or uniqueness of the products determines how far the company can go. And the key factor of the education and training industry, that is, products refers to the courses we can provide. What problems can our courses solve or help students? It is the core competitiveness of an organization. Of course, in the future, the products provided by all organizations on the market will tend to be similar.

Two basic factors are marketing and service.

First, marketing includes marketing and sales. Just as the so-called good wine is afraid of deep lanes, an organization must promote its products through strong marketing and sales. The market plays a leading role in this. Through the action of the market, let the customer know the organization, or get the contact information of the customer directly, and send it to the sales department for the second step of follow-up transformation. Therefore, after determining the product, the most important part is the marketing and enrollment work. The sales of the teaching and training industry, that is, the course consultant, belongs to the sitting market. The consultant teachers need to master professional product knowledge, course highlights, peer comparison, certain communication skills, and sales skills to complete the docking and transformation with customers.

Another basic point is service, which is what we usually call word-of-mouth. Public praise is particularly important in the education industry. Word-of-mouth building is a long-term process, which needs to be built continuously from the feelings and results of customer learning, after-school feedback, daily reception, old customer maintenance actions, and other aspects. This is also the reason why the education and training industry is relatively slow, because learning takes time, and only good customer service can form good word-of-mouth. Although it is very slow, it has a long history In the long run, it’s a job with half the effort.

If an organization is compared to a team, its role division is roughly as follows: the teaching and educational administration departments are the backbones of the rear defense, with a solid defense, we can attack safely, the market is the organizer, we need to pass the product through the market action, at the same time, we need to hand over the resources to the sales, and the sales play the vanguard to complete the door-to-door transformation.

Just now, we said that the market is the first front for customers and plays an important role in the development of institutions. Therefore, in the next part, we mainly review the development of market work.

In the classic marketing theory, 4P is a core concept, that is, product, price, channel, and promotion. No matter which industry is involved in marketing, it can be analyzed with this classic 4P.

Here, because we mainly discuss the promotion part of market work, we do not involve the product level for the time being. Of course, we will adjust the product planning according to the feedback of the market in the process, so we will not discuss more. Combined with the classic 4P theory of marketing and the actual situation of the education and training industry, I fine-tune the market work into four parts, network, channel, promotion and advertisement.

Directly speaking, the marketing department of overseas language training has two important functions, one is to build a brand, the other is to obtain resources, in the final analysis, it is to introduce more traffic for the organization through active or passive forms.

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First: network

In the current context of the Internet as the keynote, it is a more and more important section for all institutions. Generally, the national chain institutions will have an independent network operation Department, which is responsible for the overall online operation of all campuses.

Network operation includes two categories,

One is the traditional network, whose main purpose includes the establishment and diversion of brand image.

The basic work is the construction and maintenance of the official website. Even when the mobile Internet is popular today, the official website still reflects the image and temperament of an organization to a certain extent. From the basic elements of the official website, such as the image style, layout of sections, and copywriting design, it can roughly reflect the company’s tune.

The second is a series of SEO and SEM centered on the official website. The purpose is to drain the official website. Only when the content is presented to customers, can the content of the official website be meaningful.

Furthermore, it is the construction and management of the online consulting system. In addition to competitors, those who are willing to visit the official website are potential customers with certain willingness. Now that they have come, they need to find ways to communicate with customers to see what their needs are and what questions they have about our products. If they can get their phone number or wechat, it is convenient to continue in the later stage The way of follow-up is even better.

These two points are the most basic and important actions of the mechanism in the traditional network.

Second, in the era of mobile internet almost against the traditional PC, the mobile terminal is the future trend of network operation.

At the mobile end, we will think of all kinds of new media, including wechat, Weibo, Zhihu, and more and more popular live platforms recently.

1) wechat, mainly in the form of public number, friend circle content push, and H5.

A. The public number is one of the regular and important sections, here is faced with a series of operations such as powder absorption, content creation, powder retention, interaction to enhance viscosity and so on.

How to push product information or promotional solutions in a public tweet without a shortage of dry goods, but also to make customers willing to see or even be willing to forward is the focus of the new media sector to consider.

B. Friend circle promotion in the form is a little simpler, mainly by the agency personal number or consultant teacher for the old customers or interested customers who have been added as friends, through the release of agency introduction, case sharing, exciting activities, and other content, in a more intimate form in front of customers.

C.H5 is generally used in certain large-scale events or promotions of the organization, with the help of H5’s cool rich expression, the relevant information can be presented to customers in a certain way.

D. In addition to the regular action, of course, there are now a lot of attempts about the circle of friends ads, according to geographical location, audience age, attention and other dimensions of accurate delivery.

2) Weibo, similar to WeChat has the content maintenance of official micro-accounts, but at present few institutions can do as hot as Durex official popularity, most of it is only a brush sense of the existence of a platform.

Similarly, weibo has similar to fan headlines and other related forms of advertising, organizations can be combined with their ad delivery plan to make corresponding delivery.

3) Know that in recent years gradually become the platform that institutions began to pay attention to, because combined with the industry’s customer’s educational background and age, with the knowledge of the user has a great deal of co-operation, many customers will know in the form of questions to understand the institution, which requires the agency to be able to screen and answer in a large number of questions, At the same time pay attention to the platform netizens on their evaluation, to make timely response measures.

4) Live platform, whether it is a guest, a live broadcast of the recent trafficking, are tools for the organization, the regular can be carried out such as live events, course broadcast, can also plan a series of products related to the same with a certain entertainment nature of the content, and young people, after all, after 90, Among this group of young people after 00, fun and fun are the points they value most.

Second, channels

Channels simply refer to the channel that can convey accurate customers, in the language training industry is the most direct study intermediary, as well as the corresponding high school or university, whether through such cooperation institutions to the public level or consulting teachers in the form of personal recommendations of students, and then give each other rebate is a common mode of cooperation. Because this kind of operation compared to the large market-wide promotion to obtain the customer’s accuracy is very high, is conducive to improve the conversion rate, is a part of the agencies have to pay attention to, but at the same time, because of the limited cooperation resources, agencies to improve the enthusiasm recommended by partners, and constantly increase the proportion of rebates, thus forming a less healthy phenomenon, It may not be a good thing in the long run for agencies to make their profits.

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Third, the promotion of activities

This section is the focus of the offline work of the agency’s marketing department.

The purpose of the event is divided into two kinds, one is to play the brand, through the event to enhance visibility, so that more potential customers know us, and the other is to obtain resources, through the event drain, and then to sign-in, registration, sweepstakes and other forms to obtain customer information, easy to follow up later.

In terms of the form of the activity, there are three broad categories:

1) Thematic activities, including regular monthly and quarterly launches, lectures, educational exhibitions, and other large-scale events, or promotions organized by the organization to invite potential customers to participate;

2) Campus activities, for the study abroad and language training industry, the battleground is the key universities and high schools, which is the most concentrated place for customers, whether the front line directly to the customer side is the key factor in determining the combat effectiveness of the organization. There are a variety of activities that can be performed in this segment, roadshows, lectures, games, competitions, sponsorships are all types of activities that can be tried.

3) Cooperation activities refer to the related channels of partners, or banks, foreign-related travel agencies and other overseas, financial institutions to carry out brand promotion and resource sharing activities.

Besides, the establishment of student agents on campus, as a front line of promotion, is also a common way, but only if you can find reliable people and with a reasonable management system to regulate.

Fourth, advertising

This is an aid to the other points, as there are three classic quotes in the advertising session:

1, advertising, is to tell people that the original money can also be so spent.

2, for small companies, do not do advertising and other death, advertising to find death.

3, the advertiser said: I know I have half of the advertising money wasted, but I do not know which half wasted.

Its central idea is that advertising is very expensive, the effect is not very good to measure. Therefore, advertising should be careful, combined with the development of the organization itself and the financial situation.

In the form of advertising, it can be divided into:

A. Network advertising, rich in form, including the previous said WeChat, Weibo, or all kinds of web pages, video end, the form of expression includes video, motion plan, flat, etc. , compared to offline advertising, online advertising has a clearer data record, such as impressions, clicks, duration, etc., that can better evaluate the effectiveness of delivery.

B. Campus advertising, including all kinds of campus billboards, facades, restaurant frames, desktops, etc., advertising companies are also omnipotent, developed a variety of advertising space.

C. Public transport advertising, such as outdoor road signs, bus stops, bus bodies, frames, subway lightboxes, etc.

D. Community advertising, similar to universities, within the community lightboxes, elevator frames, etc.

E. Paper media, in recent years gradually declined, no longer by the attention of institutions, such as the local circulation of large-scale news newspapers such as Chengdu Business Daily, Huaxi Metropolis Daily, but also reduced to chicken ribs, only when the newspaper used its influence to publish various awards can be used as a way to maintain cooperative relations.

F. Other, television media, radio media, etc., or parking lots, lightboxes, or some external walls in certain key business districts.

Summary: advertising as a supplement to other market actions, in the opening, large-scale activities or brand promotion plans, such as the need for large-scale exposure of the point in time can be tried, but need to do a good job in the early stage such as point research, content design, medium-term delivery supervision, post-effect feedback and other aspects of the work, to ensure that the advertising to play a corresponding effect.

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