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When it comes to video marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is the short video of the Douyin. Douyin, also known as Tiktok, it’s the most popular video marketing in China. How to get traffic from Douyin platform?

In fact, Douyin is just a typical representative of social short videos. We are familiar with fast hands, watermelon videos, volcano videos, etc. These short videos reflect the huge market and powerful users of small video consumption. Cardinality and another possible opportunity for companies to implement online marketing.

But at the same time, we also care about such a series of questions: How long is the short-term video’s continued popularity and development space? Is the company worth investing in? In order to correctly find the answer to the question, we may wish to analyze and judge from the following aspects:

  1. From the perspective of communication development.

Eight years ago, Weibo was not in a good status, and many companies were sensitive to the microblogging dividends and achieved good results by Weibo marketing. Then, WeChat app launched the WeChat public number platform, and through the powerful traffic of WeChat, it immediately detonated the self-media marketing, which can be regarded as the real introduction of self-media copy marketing. Numerous companies and teams flocked to each other, and they were out of control in the marketing of WeChat public account. Of course, they also created countless companies, teams and individuals. According to the data, so far, the WeChat public number platform is not a dividend has passed, but has become a norm, is a must-have mobile marketing platform for a company.

From the two platforms of Weibo and WeChat and today’s short video platform, it can be seen that Internet content elements have experienced texts, pictures, animations, flashes, rich media animations, videos, voices, etc., and their expression is more and more vivid. Reflecting the consumer’s preference for content on the basis of static graphics, it is more user-stimulated and more intuitive and vivid.


2. From the perspective of the core user group of short videos.

The short video belongs to the group of 95 people, the so-called little brother, the younger sisters, they love to play, love to express themselves, brains wide open, individuality, and versatile. The large quantities of these people constitute the soil for the creation of creative short videos, and the root of the short video platform

3. Look at the characteristics of short video marketing.

Video marketing itself has experienced various stages such as video sharing, microfilm, live broadcast, and short video. Today, these different video formats have combined to create a hot video market.

Compared with the longest video that came out early, the short video is more in line with the mobile reading scene, featuring fragmentation, fast pace, and fast update.

Compared with live broadcast, the biggest advantage of short video is that it is not controlled by time nodes. It has the characteristics of being precipitable and sustainable. Users can watch it at any time and are not kidnapped by the time of live broadcast.

Therefore, from the above aspects, short video can be regarded as a long-lived content form in the mobile era. It is the basic UGC content model, just like graphics and voice. This is also an important reason why BAT’s three major Internet giants have laid out short videos.

4.How should companies seize the short video bonus of using short video marketing?

A: Register a Douyin enterprise number. Of course, it is better to add V. After adding V, the weight of the vibrating tone will be greatly improved, and it is easier to be popular.

B: Accurate positioning, clearing their fan base. Produce quality, creative video content based on your business.

C: The classification of short video content, the Douyin platform is the product under today’s headlines, and naturally has the algorithm of today’s headlines. A better classification can get more recommendations for the Douyin platform.

D: Original video, just starting to operate the short-timing video platform, we must focus on original video, so that we can get the recommended amount of Douyin better. No matter which social platform is created, original is always the best.

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