How to get high ranking on Douyin?

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how to get high ranking on douyin
  1. The number of fans

The number of fans is very important factor to get high ranking on Douyin, the number and growth rate of fans, and also reflects the extent to which your account is recognized. What should I do if the ranking of the Douyin is reduced?

2. The view of completion video watch rate

Simply put, the video you posted, how many users are completely read, how many users jumped out just after opening for three or five seconds.

This ratio is similar to the bounce rate of the traditional WEB era website. You can see where the user is lost and how many users have finished reading it.  

The completion rate is also an indicator to measure the quality of short videos. After all, no one will insist on reading the content that is not good enough.

This is also repeatedly emphasized by the Chaoshang Commune. In the first 3 seconds of the video content, it must have the characteristics of attracting users, and retaining users can improve the completion rate of the video.

3. Share rate, likes

The Douyin is the same as the recommendation mechanism of today’s headlines. It will push the new content to the user relatively accurately according to the user’s past usage habits. Shake weight reduction

Therefore, those excellent short video content usually get a higher forwarding rate and praise rate.

4. Activity

The activity of Douyin mainly refers to the user’s online duration and the frequency of content distribution.

For example, a beautiful female user has practiced a few popular gestures on the Douyin, and her skills and looks are quite outstanding, but her video has only a few praises.

The reason is very simple. After the first time she was not recommended by the Douyin assistant, she has missed the opportunity to get traffic. At the same time, she creates the frequency of updating a short video every week. This update frequency obviously affects the weight.  

reader's comments


The more users who comment on the short video, the better the content of the video, the stronger the topic, which can arouse the user’s desire to express their opinions.

If a video, the above several indicators are very high, the system will push the video to more people to see.

Maintaining these indicators at a stable level is an important part of maintaining the weight of the Douyin. However, we often encounter a sudden drop in video playback, and the system’s recommendation for video is greatly reduced.

For example, the video is a few hundred thousand broadcasts for a long time, and suddenly it becomes only a few hundred or even dozens.

This situation is generally caused by the release of sensitive or illegal content, resulting in lowering the weight of the Douyin voice and limiting the account.

What should I do if the ranking position of Douyin is reduced?

First of all, first pause the release of the video, check whether the video content has advertising, handling, sensitive, etc., or whether the video is suddenly not vertical, the original release of the food content, suddenly whim to release the beauty content. What should I do if the weight of the vibrato is reduced?

Secondly, if the account does not violate the rules, then continue to release the video, re-issue 7 (1 day to 2), if the video playback volume does not exceed 200, then the account can basically give up.

Third, share the video to WeChat, use the circle of friends, drive the initial playback of the video, improve the system’s judgment on video quality;

Fourth, participate in the official interaction of Douyin.

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