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From the Papi  to get millions of financing, to the ” Top 1  lipstick KOL” Li Jiaqi, the marketing value of the network reds are deeply explored, let brand merchants see how strong their marketing influence and ability to bring goods. With the popularity of the mobile social short video platform, the APP represented by “Douyin” has hatched a large number of “shaking people”, and in just two or three years it has become the “new darling” of brand business marketing. Then, the marketing power of “Shaking the Voices” is so innocent, what are the secrets of the  advertisements behind?

At the 2019 Douyin marketing promotion conference, one of the star-studded agents of the Douyin Advertising Assistant, Lai Shenlin, the media director of Guangzhou Youyou Media Technology Co., Ltd., answered questions from multiple levels and gave a series of “dry goods” to share!

2019 Douyin advertising has quietly changed

For the current marketing situation, Lai Shenlin responded that the 2019 vibrato advertising has been developing in a “vertical” direction. The vibrato is no longer the previous pan-entertainment situation, but the KOL that forms the vertical classification of all walks of life. As the marketing value increases, the price cost of the vibrato is also rising.

For advertisers, it is imperative to keep up with the changes in the vibrato advertising, and should find the core KOL and emerging KOL that match their own brands as soon as possible, and cooperate with KOL in the middle of the life cycle to reduce marketing more effectively. cost.

Do the “Four Strategies” for the operation of Douyin advertisements

When the advertiser is involved in the specific implementation of the “Shaking the Voice” marketing campaign, it still follows the implementation of the four strategies of “Da Ren Select – Content Topic – Video Production – Marketing Tools”. In response to this, Lai Shenlin gave substantive suggestions and strategies.

1.Strategy to choose KOL

Lai Shenlin emphasized that the choice of people usually follows three principles: 1. Whether the data of the person’s account is good or not; 2. Whether the fan of the person is coincident, if the fan of the two accounts is more than 50%, it is best to choose one. Don’t waste your budget; 3. Whether the content creation of Daren is stable.

In the actual selection, Lai Shenlin shared the operation process, first judged from the past powder praise value, playback overflow, powder increase speed and related costs, especially the “play overflow” has important reference value, such as the Douyin platform. A million-level fan tales will have a video playback volume of 4,500,000.

Secondly, advertisers should also screen the counterparts who correspond to the target industry. For example, lipsticks, masks and other products will naturally choose beauty and grass. Then, it is through technical means to judge the fan overlap between the people, and to filter out some of the people who have a coincidence degree higher than 50%.

Of course, the above three steps of the selection process is not complicated, and the vibrato also provides an official platform such as the star map to help us to guide the screening and content creation. After several upgrades, the current star map’s talent screening system has been more refined than before, supporting more than 60 vertical categories, more than 40 labels, and more data dimensions and fan portraits that can be analyzed to help agents and advertisers. Find better quality people faster and faster.

2.Marketing topics

The most taboo of the vibrato advertising is that it is simple and rude to let consumers accept it “passively”. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in marketing topics. Young people are keen on “unprecedented or interesting marketing”. In terms of topic selection, Lai Shenlin believes that content selection should focus on topics of high attention and high level of discussion, and it is still a profound insight into users. Usually, we will predict the user’s attention focus in advance, for example: 1. Traditional marketing nodes, such as festivals, e-commerce festivals, various holidays, etc.; 2. Traditional public opinion hotspots, such as emotional life, workplace work , popular topics, etc.; 3. At the moment, you can focus on the hot search list of vibrato and Weibo.

In addition, advertisers can refer to the “shaking hot search list”, but do not choose the hotspot in the forefront of the list. The top ranking means that a large number of users on the vibrato have already looked at the hot spots and related content, which is determined by the platform recommendation mechanism. If you use it as a content insight into short video creation, many users have already seen it and have psychological expectations, it is difficult to pay for the content. Therefore, it is usually appropriate to start research around 10-15 of the list.

3.Video production

As a video-based mobile social platform, high-quality short video has become the key to marketing, and the content is the principle that Wang is still adhering to. In this regard, Lai Shenlin shared a golden formula for “short video content creation”:

Suspense, the beginning of the eyeball – hot, high-discussion topic – dramatic structure – with reversal, conflicting central content – guiding copy.

Do the above, the effect of the video will certainly not be bad, if you want to do better, you must further optimize the topic, adjust according to the style that Daren is good at, can give users more resonance points in the video structure or More valuable things.

4.Marketing tools

Just like people taking pictures and retouching pictures, using the retouching tools to re-photograph the photos, the number of likes and comments will be very different. Based on the user’s need to accept the psychology of good things, when using the software of the vibrato advertising platform, it is a strategy of getting twice the result with half the effort.

Lai Shenlin said that first of all, the advertisements clearly know what they want, and they can use the promotion tools in a targeted manner. For example, store promotion, landing page promotion, etc., directly jump to the event page, and the brand will add the shopping cart label.

Another very important tool is dou+, which can help with quality video and discover high-quality content through data monitoring. The quality of video content can be judged by the following data dimensions, such as UV, PV conversion, the proportion of users and broadcasts entering the page, conversion effects, landing page clicks and interaction rates, etc., depending on the brand can monitor data range.

At the marketing level, when advertisers make vibrato video, they should pay attention to the compatibility of product selling points and talents. At the same time, through the unique social relationship between shaking store, dou+ and vibrato, they can expand more traffic and realize fan diversion.

Grasp the new brand marketing and the future direction of the voice marketing

The biggest doubt of many advertisers is that, as a new brand, even if it has the resources of Douyin advertising, but what is the real ability to bring goods? Creating differentiated brand positioning is key. Specifically, by obtaining the target group, the person is allowed to show the product difference point, and can use the RPC to shoot the PGC advertisement video, implant the shopping cart component for conversion, or further invest in the dou+ and the vibrato information flow. . In addition, direct information flow optimization and A/B test can also be used in batch production of short video works, screening, optimization, and further promotion.

For the future marketing direction, Lai Shenlin still insists that the advertisements mainly grasp the “content ecology”, which is more vertical and easier for fans to accept and more spiritual. At the same time, pay attention to the user’s points of interest, popular points, in order to quickly respond to efficient advertising.

In general, when advertisers face the advantage of the swaying talent marketing channel, the selection of the swaying person and content should be found and magnified before it becomes a trend, or when it is becoming a trend. Everyday to pay attention to what content is the user’s favorite, the highest interaction, the fastest increase in powder, the reasons behind the analysis, after the summary of innovation and divergence, in the end can find the way to vibrate advertising to win.

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