6 major misunderstandings about digital marketing in China

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Lots of marketers want to try the Chinese new media marketing, there are 6 major mistakes that they usually made during the marketing activities.

In fact, the new media is a pit for most companies. The most confusing thing is that the explicit cost is almost zero. It often explodes like a level event, which is easy for many business owners to watch after the blood, and prepare to do a big job in the new media; I hope that I can learn from the success stories to achieve the effect of four or two, which is the beginning of the tragedy. The competition in the new media field is unprecedentedly fierce. Even a very mature large company often has millions of tens of millions of cases without market feedback. It sounds cruel but it is true! Unless you have an irreplaceable product like Apple, if you don’t do new media, you are waiting to die.

So let me talk about the six pits in the new media industry:

1, the new media is free to promote

As mentioned above, since there is almost no entry condition for new media, as long as it is a company, you can have your own WeChat Weibo, and then you can start publishing content, which seems to save the high cost of traditional media purchase. New media marketing is a free illusion.

It is a pity that in 2016, new media such as WeChat Weibo have long been new. At the same time, the scarcity of content has been over a few years ago. If you want to casually post an article advertisement on your own public account. It’s idiotic to say that it’s a dream. It is undeniable that when WeChat Weibo just started, it would attract a lot of fans to pay attention to it every day, but now it is still not playing with the old white gloves.

For companies that are starting to do new media, if they want to get good promotion feedback, they will almost always rely on continuous output of high-quality content, and the continuous output of high-quality content may even cost more than traditional media.

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2, blindly follow the hotline and fantasize things

The new media has indeed created many cases of red-hot overnight, and many business owners have decided to promote new media because they have seen these phenomena-level promotion cases. But in fact, the factors that determine the success of a social marketing are relatively complex, especially for some relatively independent marketing events, most of the phenomenal cases are suddenly reddened by some accidental factors.

However, from the WeChat public account, the main creative personnel of the public number that can continue to burst red, do not have long-term experience in media operations, or have already shown their edge on other platforms, including the editors of major media, if not Long-term accumulation is almost impossible to continuously output high-quality content. Most of the companies are still painting the gourd, and do not understand the truth.

For example, there are many business owners around me who see @罗辑思维发话 today asking the new media department to send voices. To see @一发视频, they will ask for video, which is completely in chaos. The final result can also be imagined. Therefore, the operation of each public account is a long-term work, and to a certain extent is a series of continuous trial and error to finally find a unique operating style suitable for you.

3, the traditional media is responsible for seriousness, and the new media is responsible for the funny

Many business owners have an impression of online media as a paragraph and a funny article. This is definitely not true. The output on the online media is indeed more lively and lively than the traditional media, but there is absolutely no superficiality to the point where you are happy every day. Not to mention the uniformity of a series of styles such as brand tone image, the content of media placement must be changed according to product and marketing nodes. Although the media carrier has changed, the law of brand communication is unchanged! All the promotion for the purpose of being funny is in chaos.

At this time, you may think of Durex, not to mention the particularity of Durex industry and products. The entertainment marketing it carries is exposed by product value, and it is also in line with its brand image. You have seen Okamoto writing every day. Duan Zi?

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4, new media advertising is cheap

Compared with traditional outdoor T-brands, newspapers and magazines, even network hard broadcasts, video patches, etc., hundreds of millions of media costs, on the WeChat, Weibo-based new media, tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of one-time delivery It’s really cheap, but the new media is too shortly priced compared to hard and wide, and there is no good quality content or extensive resources that are unlikely to continue to be discussed for a long time.

Let’s look at the media resources again. Some new media large quotations are not as low as they were a few years ago. They are basically in the return phase of value. If you vote well, 100,000 yuan will basically generate more than 200,000 yuan. The effect of advertising, if you want a shot and the red ascends to heaven, it can only be a prayer to hit the big game, the accidental factor of red burst is greater than the inevitable factor.

Judging from the quotation of the public number purchase platform, the purchase price of the large headline media, which often exceeds 100,000, cannot be purchased without three or five thousand. Some super large such as @同道大叔, etc. have already exceeded ten. Wan; even if it is a microblogging, @memory dedicated small vest straight hair price of nearly 30,000, the forwarding price is also more than 20,000, @天才小熊猫 with a creative offer has reached more than 200,000, compared to the earliest offer turned over More than ten times. No matter how you look at it, it is currently in a relatively high period.

5. One person is enough to handle the digital marketing

Many companies’ new media departments are alone, department heads, planners, copywriters, artists, and customer service are all him. It is ridiculous to tell them. In my opinion, the new media and even the whole brand promotion is an industry with content as the core competitiveness. The content is solved by what is said to the public and your potential users. In fact, the product itself is also the embodiment of the content.

The new media marketing is actually a creative communication industry. To make a high-quality creative, it is necessary to run a variety of personnel such as copywriting, design, operation, etc., and these jobs are unlikely to be completed by the same person. I have already opened my own company as a boss. Even from the point of view of labor cost, the cost of creativity is not low. If it is necessary to do promotion activities, promotion and other aspects of drainage activities, it will cost even more.

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6, you can get things done by saving money.

Many bosses who started in the traditional industry are really daring to spend a lot of money, but the new media is very different from the traditional mass media. This is especially noticeable from the media purchase.

Traditional media is exclusive due to the physical conditions of fixed advertising spaces. From the results, the seizure of scarce media resources is an important factor in achieving successful promotion. In addition, since the traditional advertising space is for the mass-oriented group, on the content side, the top-down brand notification attribute will be very obvious. However, the new media does not have the scarcity in the strict sense, and the content update frequency is very fast. The more faced the community groups connected by the points of interest, the content needs to be based on sharing penetration. The different media attributes of the two determine different media buying strategies.

The traditional medium-buying strategy for outdoor billboards is usually to buy enough resources to get exposure to different geographic locations and get the most exposure. At this time, the more resources you purchase, the better the corresponding advertising results. However, in the context of new media, this crowd coverage strategy will not work, and it is necessary to focus resources on a single breakthrough.

For example, on the media platform, look for large-scale push content, assuming A price of 200,000, fans 2 million, B price 130,000, fans 1.5 million, C price 30,000, fans 500,000, it seems that B+C can It costs 160,000 to reach 2 million fans, and the price/performance ratio is much higher than that of only the A. But in fact, the effect of the A number will be much better than the B+C. Because the A/B/C three numbers have the same label and belong to the same vertical field, this determines that their fans are a lot of coincidence. The effect of purchasing many medium and small numbers is far less effective than buying a super large size.

The reason why the size of the large size is not only because of the good data indicators such as the amount of fan reading, but also the content output has been stabilized, the viscosity and loyalty of the fans are high; and the trumpet that some thousand dollars can buy. Resources, the public number itself is not taken care of, even if the purchase of a large number of small resources, the final dissemination effect will be unsatisfactory. At the same time, due to the Matthew effect, the information that is delivered through the super large/industry large size will be reprinted by major websites. If the content is excellent, even a large amount of secondary transmission will be carried out for continuous drainage, and the information placed on the medium and small numbers is basically in addition to the former. Two days will have a certain effect, it will be submerged in the ocean of information.

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