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Conference marketing, also called product briefings, product launches, technology promotion meetings, etc., is to invite some customers, prospective customers, target customers, potential customers, etc., to use the platform to achieve the purpose of expanding sales.

Today’s marketing, conference marketing is a very important part, the application is very extensive, and many times we can use this platform to expand our sales target. A lot of big coffee is using this method, like Steve Jobs will launch a conference after Apple’s new mobile phone, Lei Jun’s Xiaomi mobile phone is the same routine, they are to build a platform, with the help of the mass media. Even these big v are doing this, we have no reason not to do so.

To conduct a meeting requires adequate preparation and involves many aspects. We can only achieve the desired results by doing everything well.

He has a specific action plan for the conference marketing, and the steps are deleted according to the actual situation.

idea plan action picture
  1. The first step is to establish the time, place, characters, content, goals, etc. of the meeting. By establishing the time and place, we can invite the customer, establish the invited customer, and we will develop the content of the meeting in a targeted manner. Like Jobs’s meeting, it’s a long time to determine these things, and then rehearsing, and strive to do everything, which is why we see their release is so wonderful.
  • The second step is to invite some important people. First of all, we must invite some leaders to come to the scene. We must have a leader who can be a town. This is very important for the invitation of the customer. If the invitation is not coming to the customer, there will be no meaning in our meeting. At the beginning of the invitation, we first established that the customers we have already dealt with were able to be present, which is relatively easy, let them help us to promote and invite to promote people’s arrival. Then the invitation to the customer is most important, these are the mainstay of expanding sales. Goals and potential customers are the driving force behind our sales and can transform a portion into a deal or an intent customer. For the invitation, we can verbally notify you once at the beginning, then formally invite the post, and then before the meeting, it is best to use a mobile phone to confirm. On the day of the meeting, it is best to contact each customer with a mobile phone again, whether there is a need to drive or pick up or some unexpected situations.
  • Third, the content of the meeting. A strong host and a powerful instructor are needed here. This can sometimes increase the chances of a deal. In the design of the content, it is necessary to meet the needs of the staff, to meet the needs of the customer is to increase the transaction rate. For example, if a new product can better help customers achieve their goals, we will focus on the benefits of this product and what benefits it can bring to customers.
customers handshake
  • Fourth, the deal. After the product’s function is finished, some promotion plans will be announced, in order to promote customers faster and more transactions. After the announcement, we must not delay it for a long time. When the customer recollects, it is the best time to make a deal. After a long period of enthusiasm, our result is a discount. At this time, customers who have previously sold can also make orders and enhance the atmosphere of the venue.
  • Fifth, follow up. After the end, it is necessary to visit all the customers one by one, returning to visit, this is very important, the return visit is good, you can give you more products.

The success of a marketing conference can help us to quickly open up the situation in order to achieve the goal of faster market occupation.

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