Complete Guide for QQ:Create QQ account, create group,QQ marketing

China online marketing courses and service - WeChat & QQ Marketing - Complete Guide for QQ:Create QQ account, create group,QQ marketing
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1.QQ Introduction

2. QQ Sign Up

3. Delete QQ account

4. QQ Products

5. QQ Marketing

  • QZone
  • Group Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Online Game Marketing

6. Conclusion

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QQ is one of the popular social media apps in China. The daily active users is around 200 million. It offers a wide range of services, such as group chat, QQ video & voice chat, sharing documents, emails, online shopping, online QQ games,QQ TV and QQ live etc.

  1. QQ Introduction
  2. What is QQ? What does QQ mean?

QQ meaning the software called Tencent QQ, is known as QQ China, an instant messaging software in China, developed in 1999 by Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. Both QQ and WeChat belong to the Tencent company.

QQ logo is a winking penguin wearing a red scarf.

  • What languages are available on QQ ?

It’s not just a Chinese app. It’s available in seven languages, including Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Spanish etc.

qq international download
  • What operation platform does QQ offer?

You can download QQ for different devices, such as QQ mac, QQ for PC, QQ for web, Android, iPhone, Windows and Linux.

  • Where can I download the QQ?

You can get the QQ download on QQ international website, App store and App store China. Or you scan the QR code to download it.

  • QQ Sign up

If you want to get QQ register, you will need to download the QQ app or web QQ, you will need to add an account name with a phone number to sign up to QQ. The QQ number can be used for WeChat sign up.

If you want to know how to sign up on WeChat, check it here.

The messages on app would be synchronized on different devices or web qq, like the Messager.

qq sign up information
  • QQ delete account

Click your profile picture, it will access to the setting directly, then tap on the “account security”, you will see “delete account”. You can delete your account permanently.

  • QQ Products

Tencent QQ has a bundle of products or networks, including QQ music, QQ video, online games, etc.

You can download these apps of China separately, and use just one QQ log in different platforms.

  • QQ music

QQ music is a very popular China app for music. If you want to make money from music, you can try to apply for the musician on QQ music and make money from selling your music.

The QQ music income in Q1 2020 reached US$170 million. The number of paid user was up to 42 million.

  • Video QQ

It combines video news, movies, education, art and TV.

qq video website
  • QQ sports

It’s integrated in QQ chat app, showing the walking calorie and distance calculator.

  • QQ email

You can use the free QQ email which connected with your QQ account.

The QQ mail has the similar function as Foxmail or Apple mail. One app to use all emails from different email addresses. You can add all your other emails to the app, such as Gmail, your domain email etc.

Want to know the email marketing tool for China market? Read this article.

  • QQ news

It’s developed in 2000, providing the news of technology, finance, sports, cars, fashion, politics, entertainment, etc.

  • QQ browsers

QQ browser shared 1.33% of browser market all over the world, while the Chrome shared 67.9% in the Q4 of 2019.

  • QQ game

It’s one of the largest online games in China, offering different kinds of games, from traditional Chinese poke, chess to cosplay, pet, farm, legend etc.

Users can login in with QQ account, they can chat with each other while playing games.

  • QQ Marketing

We will learn five different ways to do marketing on Tencent QQ, including QZone, Group marketing, Email marketing, Video marketing,online game marketing. 

We will show you case study of each marketing solution.

  • Qzone

It’s called QQ kongjian (pinyin) in China. It’s released in 2009.  It’s a free web space that users can use it for microblogging, sharing photos, music, and writing diaries.

qq international website

Practical tips for QQ zone marketing:

  1. Build professional profile with amazing decoration

Create a catchy image or use your brand logo as profile image, and write a professional description for your products or service.

  • Choose the right time to post your content or photos

You can consider post once or twice a week. According to your specific products, test the best time for your posting.

If you want to post diary, you may post one or times per day.

  • Select the right topics

You can share story-telling contents, avoid sending lots of advertisement directly.

Attract your readers with interesting and high-converting content.

Pay attention to the posting design, it will help you engage followers too.

  • Increase your followers

Try to use different ways to increase your followers. For example, video posting, comments, groups, content marketing etc.

Case study:

Lancome choosed KOL marketing on QZone, targeting the 18-25 years old female.

The KOL is Wang Kunkai (Karry),born in 1999, who was the leader of TOY Boys band.

The ads used AI ads, people can try the different colors of lips online. And they can take photo with KOL and share those images to their own Qzone. It attracted more then 1.63 million people to join this compaign.

lancome used KOL marketing on QQ platform
  • QQ group marketing

Before you jump into the QQ group marketing, you need to consider your target audience.

The demographics of QQ users:

Female: 64.64%

Male: 35.36%

Married: 47.42%

Age 18-25: 17.22%

Age 26-34: 55.83%

Age 35-44: 18.38%

The trends towards to young generation.90% are under 45 years old.

Many schools use QQ group to communicate with the parents or students in the colleague. While many business companies use QQ as a communicate online workplace.

One of the differences between WeChat and QQ is QQ can shared the documents or videos to the group space. Group members can view or download them from the space.

The maximum number of group members is 3,000. You can create different groups if you reached that number.

Effective tips for group marketing:

  1. Make fantastic group image with great description

When people found your group, they will make a decision to join in according to your profile and the description.

  • Increase your members

Try to reach more potential customers from different channels, such as your website, your WeChat, or other QQ groups.

  • Get high ranking on QQ group search

When you created your own group, you will need to get high ranking on QQ group search. They are big traffic from that search bar. 

If you want to get the first page of the group search result, you need to make sure that your profile description covers the main keywords for your products or service.

Meanwhile, keep communicating with your members in your group will be helpful for the ranking too.

  • Set rules for your group

Since you are the leader of the group, you will need to manage the group, and keep your member join the discussion or communication. Set some basic rules that all the members need to follow. Ask your friends or hire someone to help you to communicate with your members in this group.

  • Find some effective ways to engage long-term members

No matter you make some promotions or campaign in your group, or offer some freebies, or give some solutions to their questions etc. You will need to find a way to engage long-term members.

  • QQ email marketing

QQ email address is the account, if you know their QQ number, you can send the email to their QQ email.

If you are a group owner, you can send emails to your group members.

If you joined someone else’s group, then you will need to export the members’ account first. Then send emails to them.

qq group search bar
  • QQ video marketing

Tencent video launched in 2011, it’s connected with mobile device, PC, and TV. The paid member reached 106 million at the end of 2019.  And the users reached 112 million on May 13,2020. It increased to 26% comparing to the data of Q1 2019.

mafengwo ads on qq video platform

Case study:

Wafengwo is one of the greatest travelling brand in China, they offer All-in-one travelling solution for travelers. It covers 60 thousand destinations all over the world, including transportation, hotel, sights, shopping and booking etc.

They wanted to find more potential customers and increase the branding and app downloading.

They analyzed the current customers, and finalized the target audience to the people from Tie1 and Tie 2 cities, and those get high-education and high income, also have great interest in travelling and communities.

They did advertisement on Tencent video platform, and the cost of advertisement was below the 60% of OTA industry.

  • Marketing on QQ online game
3k online game ads on qq game platform

Case study:

One game called 3K game which was focused on games on mobile device. They wanted to find accurate players to control the cost and get the players.

They chose to advertise on Tencent news, Tencent video and news channels, and they narrowed down the target group into male who accessed to strategic games within 90 days.

They increased the game download rate to 60%.


This is the complete guide for QQ, including the QQ download, account setup, different products of Tencent QQ and five marketing ways on QQ.

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