The new social community become the mainstream of retail business models?

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Some giants are predicting that the social community retail model will be the main business models in China.

With the rise of social economy, network economy, micro-business and self-media, social e-commerce, which is mainly based on new social retailing, has emerged. Especially in the past two years, social e-commerce has been playing a very popular game. The competition is fierce, and there is a lot of gathering behind. On the contrary, vertical e-commerce companies waiting for a large number of commodities will be shocked. They will be more and more successful in extruding trade fairs. The top three Chinese e-commerce companies are the top three, whether it is new retail. Still social retailing is a people-oriented business model. People represent traffic and are the most valuable online platform based on the social attributes of the main base friends. With people, there will be traffic, traffic is the premise of transactions, people can achieve unlimited trading possibilities, generalized social e-commerce includes micro-commerce and micro-mall, narrow social e-commerce through social, word of mouth, interaction and share these social functions.

Generally speaking, social e-commerce can be divided into three types: social e-commerce for shopping, such as micro-shopping. Such social e-commerce is generally a customer originating from Taobao e-commerce platform such as Taobao, mainly relying on platform merchants or coupons.

Content-based social e-commerce such as Xiaohongshu/Redbook, Tiktok, this kind of social e-commerce generally uses KOL’s word of mouth, content output to facilitate transactions, their user base is generally based on a common community, platform-based social E-commerce, for example, Pingdu is a kind of social e-commerce. It usually adopts the method of flatness and bargaining, absorbs users with social power, and completes sales fission through low threshold promotion. The popularity of social e-commerce is one of the new retail era. Trends, but in the final analysis, social e-commerce is just a way to expand e-commerce, it is also an e-commerce. Product quality, service, supply chain and consumer experience are also eternal topics.

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In 2019, the real commercial mainstream is not a competitive product, but a competitive model! Some people predict that the new social retail will become the mainstream of the business model! There are three reasons. First, product-centric, second, channel-centric, and third, user-centric, so in today’s competition, not the competition of products, but the competition of business models, therefore, how to pass Business model innovation to help companies build huge channels and have a large number of users is the core of today’s true business model innovation. The key word for business models in 2019 and in the future is “integration”.

From the integration of e-commerce and offline entities, Ma Yun calls it “new retail”, but in fact, new retailers will merge with micro-enterprises in the future, so today it will be very popular! It is called “new social retail”, so in 2019, the new social retail will become the mainstream model of all business models, and the pioneers of innovation will step by step and create a new social retail trend of today and in the future. Mode, synchronous upgrade of enterprises: micro-business, e-commerce, investment, online and offline business integration, enterprises rely on the new socialized retail model platform to create a huge consumer group for themselves, only in the era of homogeneous competitive products, can pass the model Beyond the curve, what is social new retail, the new social retail will make social e-commerce once again achieve online and offline integration. Make the offline experience more professional and easier to copy. Social enterprises have the inherent advantage of “trust” and share their experience with relatives and friends. Whether based on emotion or friendship, they have to choose to try to buy whatever the initial intention is.

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As a result, it can help companies or agents quickly cash out, while brands or companies can create reproducible business models and guide their agents to collaborate frequently through training to achieve business models because of the high homogeneity in today’s world. For the products, it is hard to say which products are better than others. For enterprises or operators, this communication is not necessarily the best, but the sales conversion rate is high and the enterprise cost is low. The end result is that you may not see an advertisement for a product, but it is well known that the future of the new social retail industry is a transformation of the business model. Only a closed loop of a fissile business model is selected, and a category with promising prospects is selected. Use methods and strategies to promote, whether online or offline, everything is in the expectation, the future market, grasp the way you think.

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