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Community marketing is becoming more and more and more effective way for marketing. Here are 7 rules of community marketing in China.

  1. What is a community?

A community is a collection of cultural groups that are characterized by niche and circle.

Branding is a group, and sales are also made. Positioning may be a group. These groups have some common characteristics and even values. (We call it the community of imagination)

The community is a group that has shared needs, interests, hobbies, and certain cultural characteristics when it emerges from the media.

The social economy, now specifically refers to the Internet community, is a group of people with shared values ​​and subcultures, who are satisfied by certain types of Internet products based on trust and consensus; the business form dominated by users can obtain high value. Reduce transaction costs.

The main characteristics of the community are the distinction and interest. In other words, it is different from the fan economy, one is centralized and the other is decentralized.

The social economy is not only the enterprise-led, but also contains diversified businesses and products, with the Internet as the carrier of the ecosystem across time, space and region.

Community classification:

Product type community: millet

Interest Community: Public Comments, Douban

Brand-type community: Che Youhui

Knowledge-based community: Luo Ji thinking, knowing

Tool-based community: WeChat, Weibo, headlines, Momo, exploration, nailing

Cross-type community: Luo Ji thinking, he is product type and knowledge type, but also interest type.

Just like Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs, not only physiological needs, but also security, respect and even self-realization, the most advanced is self-transcendence.

In the Internet age, the community is the driving force of marketing channels. If combined with the Internet business model, it will have more explosive qualities.

group men

2, why choose community marketing?

A,The development of mobile Internet technology, efficient and timely tools; such as WeChat, Weibo, headlines,

B,Purpose: Why the community exists, that is, let the minority group have a sense of existence and a sense of belonging.

C,Efficiency and cost of concerted action.

The core is still a culture and shared values.

At this time, a certain culture is very important, such as like literature or art, like reading, traveling, like brand planning, like a group of people, and like to sell, practical marketing, this is the kind of people to group together, This is the circle, this is the community.

Why are many niche products difficult to sell under mass marketing? Just because niche products are not enough to support channels and communication, crowds and consumption are scattered, the community can quickly grasp the precise consumers, but the consistency and purpose of the community can be achieved through social platforms.

In particular, niche consumer groups, promote channel sales, carry out fission, and finally even drive the consumer trend.

3, how to do community marketing?

Here are rules of community operations

The first rule: to create a super IP

Authoritative shaping, super IP shaping, one is the brand’s super IP, and the other is the personal super IP shaping. Through the personality, empowerment, topic and content capabilities to create a super IP, create the potential of marketing, and finally through the flow, traffic precipitation, operation, to achieve greater incremental and sales conversion.

In the era of mobile Internet, the community is very hot, but there are very few communities that are truly valuable, profitable, and profitable.

The second rule: common culture and shared values

In the age of the Internet, it is indeed the accumulation of things and the grouping of people.

You need to find the right person! Especially critical for subsequent seed users.

Then you need to convert it. Those who have an ideal based on a certain product or business, gather everyone together, work hard for a certain goal, and finally achieve the goal, so that is called the community.

A culture is the core force driven by the community.

We encountered this problem when planning a self-painting. At first we wanted to be creative, fun, and embarrassing.

The third rule: scene shaping

A good product is a product under the scene. There is no absolute need, only the scene is just needed. Choose to start with the most easily broken scenes and solve the conversion problem.

Many categories and products are generally ineffective because of their inability to be recognized by the general public.

Cutting from the scene is a very good way. Under a certain scene, consumers will not regard price and brand as the primary criteria, but will adopt certain atmosphere, value, honor, face, and identity as the standard.

At this time, as long as the experience is good, it will produce conversion.

contents writing

The fourth rule: content marketing

(what is your product? What is the product mix and ecology)

People who enter the group either come to get business opportunities, or come to learn something or go to a profitable product and project. Simply put, what value this group has to members.

I still think that there needs to be a product or project, otherwise, there is so much time to use it to non-naked, content output around products and projects.

The biggest pain point is nothing more than a question of how to realize the community.

It can be regular professional voice sharing, high-quality articles, online events or offline events (forms can be varied, such as cocktail receptions, salons, seminars, sharing of topics, expert lectures, forums). To form a combination and ecological.

The fifth rule: continuous operation

Why do people operate well and some people operate in general? This requires long-term accumulation of relevant resources and skills. Such as materials, pictures, texts, long-term exercise, work and efficiency. Is literary talent important, but not the most important, insisting on continuous original output and valuable content, and forming a subculture and fan base, this is the driving force.

Persevere, persist, persist, and persist. The important thing, say four times.

Need planning, creativity, planning.

What is the platform user like, you need to experience observation, for example, I sent an article, now the number of views has been declining, simple professional articles to see very few people, you need to combine hotspots, such as columns, audio and video recommendations Very high, but you also need to plan content, in line with user habits, and buying habits. The price is low and the quantity is small. Make a combination and continue to build ecology and cash.


The sixth rule: transformation and conversion

Through early exploration, seed user acquisition, content output and operation, there is already basic traffic and activity, but rapid replication and fission are required.

How to fission, it is too difficult to find consumers one by one. You have to find the B-end customer (from the seed user), through the service, empowerment, provide systematic tools and methods, quickly convert the traffic, and get more increments in the stock, which is what we call copying and Fission.

Simply put, the system is used to promote the empowerment of the B-end, and through the B-end service C-end, fission.

There are two ways to achieve sales conversion, one is from the C-end, more than 10 years ago, advertising, endorsement, driving channels, driving consumers, this is a lot of time and money, it is not impossible, But the cost is too high, and small businesses can’t afford it.

From the B side is the most optimal and the most effective way. Why, let the people with resources go to action, more precise, more efficient, and the fission of the Internet community and socialization is beyond your imagination. However, the quality of the operations team is required to be higher, and it is necessary to be proficient in Internet technology and community operations.

It can be done through system sharing and distribution, headline articles, answers, micro-headlines, videos, etc., drainage, and then to the column, the mall to cash, so that the headline is the mobile Internet OS. Similar to Baidu in the PC era, super traffic entry.

The seventh rule: community management

The most important thing is to build the system and platform, then do the model, distribution and commissioning mechanism, and finally improve the rules and regulations within the group.

Such as:

1. Develop effective group rules and systems

2, special person management

3, group sharing section

4, daily or irregular topic sharing

5, offline activities

Example: How to operate a copywriting (knowledge, interest) community?

1. It is very difficult to do a good job in a community, and it requires long-term persistence and unremitting efforts;

Since the media operation is very similar to doing Taobao before, 24 hours online.

Operating from the media is not a work of people, but you insisted, success, there is a happy pleasure.

2, in the brand marketing, copywriting has a little achievement or rich experience in the industry;

3, to become a professional in the industry, it is better to have authority; super IP, you can also create some endorsements, add some aura, this is necessary.

To create authority, trust, that is, the IP we talk about, it is best to become a super IP, bring traffic, self-sufficient energy, have the topic of good content ability, generate connections and transformation.

Authoritative shaping can also be super IP shaping, one is the brand’s super IP; the other is the personal super IP shaping. Through personalization, empowerment, topic and content capabilities to create a super IP, create marketing potential, and finally through the flow, traffic precipitation and operations, to achieve greater incremental and sales conversion.

4. Basic identity and shared values, some subculture identity;

This is the driving force of the community, the core of the community’s maintenance, seeking common ground while reserving differences.

5. Establish a group rule that everyone must abide by

One important thing is to build a distribution and distribution system and platform, and then do an Internet model, distribution, and various mechanisms; improve the rules and regulations within the group. Standardization, process, and replication.

6. Organize topic discussions and communicate rationally every week or every day;

If a product or project aggregates everyone, there is no way to form a system of benefits and value. If the content is output around products and projects, mutual benefits can be enhanced and synergies can be generated.

7, the owner of the professional sharing from time to time, or invite guests;

The group leader is generally a opinion leader (KOL). In some respects, there must be certain authority and expertise, otherwise it will be difficult to bring everyone together.

How can we achieve opinion leaders? Of course, we must have certain authority, constantly form influence, and need long-term accumulation and continuous learning and content output. Nothing is simple and constantly challenge your limits.

The group leader is also the opinion leader, the big V, that is, the person who has considerable weight in the community and speaks.

In addition, guests and members are invited to share from time to time.

8, after a certain scale, you can upgrade to a VIP group, charge sharing

Can be upgraded, some valuable group members can be upgraded to VIP, appropriate fee sharing, so that it can be better maintained, everyone pays more attention and is more valuable.

For example, WeChat group can be made into a basic group, brand marketing sharing group, free, everyone exchanges, no advertising; new book crowdfunding, mainly the crowdfunding progress and related views of the new book Internet marketing; VIP group, charge, share every week.

These groups are somewhat active, some are less active, some are fixedly shared, form a combination, and precipitate users.

9. After the number of users is expanded, offline communication can also be started, and cost crowdfunding;

Some members have mentioned to me several times, offline communication, this is needed, but it is still online. Because everyone is precious and valuable, offline meetings require a lot of time.

But this is needed, after all, the offline experience and face-to-face communication are needed.

10, valuable to survive, continuous transformation and fission.

Seed user acquisition, content output and operations already have basic traffic and activity, but require rapid replication and fission. How is fission? First find B-side customers (from seed users), through communication, service and operation, provide systematic tools and methods, quickly convert traffic, get more stocks in stock, and increase in inventory through operations This is what we call copying and fission.

Constant new traffic is entering, and new products are constantly entering, building value systems and ecology.

The result is a commercial realization.


Everything needs to be adhered to. It is very easy to be a day or two. It is a little difficult for one month and two months. It is more difficult for one or two years. If you want to stick to five years or ten years, it is a kind of love, and it is difficult to succeed!

Establishing its own authority in a certain field, although there is no conversion and income from traffic alone, it can be derived from many other extension services. It is possible to make other businesses and achieve other aspects of deep cooperation.

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