How to choose domain?

choose domain

How to choose a domain for website in Chinese?

The first thing we need to do for building up a website is to choose a suitable domain, the choice of domain name has become a lot of companies and individuals face a major problem, domain name is the link between enterprises and Internet urns, it is like brand, trademark, has an important role in identifying, is the key to visitors access to corporate websites.

Domain name for enterprises to carry out e-commerce has an important role, it is known as the network era of the “global trademark”, a good domain name will greatly increase the visibility of enterprises on the Internet.

Therefore, how to choose a good domain name is very important. Choose the domain name is to choose their own weight and their own meaning of the domain name, if you can not meet these two points then you choose the domain name can be said to do the station itself will not get any advantage. When both domain names are listed in the search engine home page, is your site traffic more or that itself is the user search term of the domain name traffic?


Choosing a domain name that is right for your site can be analyzed from the following two points.

First, from the point of view of search engines Registering a domain name is definitely for a website (some people, of course, for domain name transactions), and doing a website must be to cater to search engines.

This time many people will think, what kind of domain name is conducive to search engine optimization? What kind of domain name search engine favorite? These two questions are actually the same:

First, search engines do not have a preference which domain name (top-level domain name is certainly better than the second-level domain name), Second, domain names do not represent the benefits of search engine optimization. As far as Baidu is concerned, its optimization of domain names is the same, for example, some website son is info, including as very good. Baidu has also said that there is no preference for domain names.

At this point of view, there is no difference, just the individual you prefer which one.

Second, from the user’s point of view Speaking of the user’s perspective, stationmasters should pay attention to, search engines have no preference, does not mean that users have no preferences. Now the netizen, the eyes of the most common is the com domain name, then the net domain name, and finally .cn and .org. This time we have to think, we choose a domain name is used to give users to see or to the search engine to see or to see to themselves? So, we choose the domain name must be from the user’s point of view, user groups, like what kind of domain name, what kind of domain name can best let users remember, the user is most interested in which domain name, then we should choose this domain name. Keep in mind that the most users see is the com domain name, and even some users think you are not com domain name, then your site is not official.

Only in this way your domain name makes sense.

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