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Android is a Linux-based free and open source operating system, primarily used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, led and developed by Google and the Open Mobile Alliance. There is no uniform Chinese name, and more people in mainland China use “Android” .

The first thing we need to know about Android is that Android is not a mobile app store, it’s a co-name, Android doesn’t have just one Apple App Store like Apple, the rest can only be a jailbreak download app store, Android has a lot of app stores. In addition to the major Internet companies under the application market (such as Tencent App, Baidu mobile phone assistant, 360 mobile phone assistant, Taobao mobile phone assistant, pp assistant, pea pod, etc.), the major mobile phone manufacturers have also launched their own official application market (such as Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, etc.), With the growing Android App Store market, the ranking of the various app stores is also increasingly stable, so let’s look at the top 10 Android app markets for 2017.

Top 10 Android App Store Market Rankings 2017
Ying Yong Bao (my app) (22% market share)

Ying Yong Bao (formerly Tencent Application Center Android platform software), is Tencent Application Center dedicated to smartphone users to create the app access platform, the current software APP can go to the Internet download, support Android, Apple, computer version, app Treasure through mobile websites, mobile phone clients and other forms, For China mobile app users to provide a full range of multi-platform mobile app download services. The most important thing is that App Has a high-quality wireless Internet user group, high user activity, relying on QQ, WeChat and mobile Tencent and other large user groups, for mobile application users to create a rich and colorful user interaction.

tencent app store

360 mobile assistant (19% market share)

The 360 Mobile Assistant is a resource acquisition platform for smartphones. According to third-party statistics, as of September 2012, 360 PC-side products and services monthly activity reached 442 million, user penetration rate of 95%, is one of China’s largest Internet security companies. The total number of smartphone users using 360 mobile security products and services has reached about 149 million, accounting for about 70% of China’s smartphone security market, representing a large market share of 360 mobile assistants in the Android App Store.

Baidu (17% market share)

Baidu Mobile Assistant is the authoritative resource platform for Android phones, as the world’s largest Chinese search engine, the largest Chinese website, its Android mobile phone app market, and in 2013 to acquire the Android market, 91 Assistant Android version was officially upgraded to Baidu mobile assistant on March 30, 2015. This makes Baidu mobile phone assistant has a large number of users, a high market share.

Huawei App Store (12% market share)

Huawei Application Market is the official application download platform of Huawei mobile phones, is also the preferred application market for Huawei users, is a free resource sharing platform based on Android system, relying on Huawei’s global technical service platform and strong developer community, users can search, download, manage and share the most intimate mobile applications in the application market. Huawei, China’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, not only has a very large user base in China, but also has a very large user base in the world.

Xiaomi App Store (market share 8%)

Xiaomi App Store is an Android app recommendation in Xiaomi Technology’s Migrape Android SYSTEM ROM. Xiaomi as one of the country’s major mobile phone manufacturers, the basic users are very many, so Xiaomi market in the domestic Android market is also one of the mainstream app stores.

xiao mi app store

Oppo Mobile Assistant (market share 7%)

Oppo is a brand of camera phones that more young people choose. With a large group of young users, Oppo is also one of the most powerful mobile app stores.

Ali (5% market share)

Taobao’s mobile assistant is alibaba’s resource acquisition platform for launching a smartphone. Can provide users with games, software, music, novels, videos, pictures, through this software can easily download, install, manage mobile phone resources, effectively connect Taobao PC and client, to achieve a reasonable allocation of resources. PP Assistant: A software, games, wallpapers, ringtone resources download and installation and resource management tools that support both iOS and Android devices. It has a clean interface, smooth operation, download speed, large resources and other advantages. Pea Pod: Is an Android phone management software used on a PC. After connecting the phone and computer, you can transfer all kinds of applications, music, video, e-books and other content or download directly from the network to the phone, you can also use it to achieve backup, contact management, SMS, screen capture and other functions. At present, the three are now one backstage.

Anzhi (market share 3%)

Like N multi-market, the founders had 91 wireless genes on their bodies. That year holding the thigh of telecommunications, put out a boast half a year to catch up with the Android market, so advertising costs rose sharply. Long thought of the year, pointing to the rebuke of the square, gas swallowed like a tiger. Unfortunately, the last two years the giant entered, as well as telecommunications three wives and four wives, Anzhi all the way lost the city lost land, but good now is also good, barely quite a big channel.

Vivo Store (3% market share)

Vivo Store Official Edition is an app download platform for Vivo mobile phone users, providing application download, update, uninstall, move, network diagnostics and other functions, with the expansion of the VIVO mobile phone market, the number of users is also rising, increasing market share.

vivo app store

Le Store (market share 2%)

Once, the amount of music store is really very low, coupled with Lenovo thousands of yuan silk machine brand, completely not by some big CP in the eyes. But with the opening of Lenovo market, but also strengthenthed the promotion and operation of the Music store, while Lenovo’s rather friendly attitude to CP cooperation has gradually attracted high-quality app arrival, successfully attracted loyal users to increase store traffic.

Summary: The old Internet giant by virtue of brand and technology advantages accounted for the majority of the Android App Store market, but with the growth of domestic mobile phone shipments, Xiaomi, Huawei as the representative of the domestic manufacturers, by virtue of the “pre-installed” way, so that its user volume surge, the store’s market share is also higher and higher, by “pre-installed” The squeeze on both internet giants and traditional third parties has slowed user growth. And the traditional third-party platform can only continue to stabilize their own camp, but there is no shortage of counter-attack. “Melee” creates competition, but “competition” can give users a more novel experience. In the future, we believe that the mobile application platform in the three camps will develop itself through continuous innovation and make full use of its core strengths, and strive to establish its own brand effect in “competition” to increase user download rate and usage.

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