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Is there any good way for doing affiliate marketing in China?

Alimama, a leading big data marketing platform in China, owns Alibaba Group’s core business data.

Every day, more than 5 billion promotional traffic completed more than 300 million product promotion show, covering up to 98% of the netizens, to achieve digital media (PC side, wireless side and Internet TV terminal). At present, Alimama’s overall number of customers exceeded 1 million, more than 4000 cooperative media, with 100,000 APPs to reach cooperation, the media matrix daily average PV20 billion, covering 98% of Chinese population;

From a single Taobao e-commerce marketing platform to Ali big data as the core, covering the future marketing core media matrix, to achieve the “product-pass-sales” full-link marketing appeal of the DT era marketing platform. Since sellers’ marketing on Taobao and Tmall, Alimama has been trying to build a data-driven, network-wide marketing solution.

Its e-commerce marketing product platform includes search marketing (Taobao / Tmall through train), precision targeted marketing (targeted and diamond booths), content marketing (Taobao), incentive marketing (Magibao), interactive sharing, wireless marketing and business opportunities survey.

Alimama ‘s strengths:

Alimama has the leading digital marketing technology and strong data advantages, to achieve digital marketing real, effective, continuity, reconstruction of the supply and demand of media resources.

Based on Ali big data, Alimama can make up the ideal marketing environment audience correct, time-coherent, open space, closed-loop integrity of the four elements, for brand owners, merchants, small and medium-sized enterprises to provide accurate and efficient marketing solutions. Alimama has consumer data, the big data that can really be used for business.

Thanks to Alibaba Group’s big data base, Alimama data has been unique to other marketing platforms: real people, consumer, continuous, cross-screen.


Business model Alimama is similar to Alibaba’s B2B system, is a platform for communication between supply and demand. Websites put their ads in the line, advertisers to pick and choose, see the right to buy.

Here is the advertising space as a commodity to sell, clear code price, each take the required. If you have a website or blog and have administrative permissions, you can sign up for advertising spaces sold by Alimama.

If you’re an advertiser, you can also choose the right ad for your mom to run your ad.

Alimama records and uploads search history of Taobao users and provides advertisers’ ads.

Today, many websites have joined Alimama to make money by selling advertising spaces. Alimama as an advertising trading platform, continue to continue Taobao’s C2C route, Taobao transactions are a variety of goods, and Alimama transactions are advertising, therefore, can be positioned as a “C2C-style advertising” platform. Such a platform in the network advertising industry is still quite marketable, there are many traffic exchange platform. At the same time, the emergence of such advertising platform, but also bound to the traditional “B2C-style advertising platform” to bring no small impact, including with Alipay to reach a strategic partner of the Taobao Alliance, Taobao when the partner of the world, well-known advertising alliances such as google adsense, Hangzhou Easy, billions of starting.

At the same time, the advertising trading platform specifically for the industry website, such as the alliance under the business treasure, the joint notice, etc. will be affected, this is undeniable. Alimama pioneered another model of e-commerce business, its new model is more attractive to small and medium-sized enterprises, its sales and leasing for personal websites and personal blog slots, for small enterprises with a higher cost-effective, for the growth and promotion of small enterprises have greater utility. On the other hand, for individuals, personal hard work to establish websites and blogs, through Alimama this platform for their own websites and blogs to add some advertising, so that the site is not monotonous, but also more importantly through their own labor to exchange a part of the income, which will certainly stimulate higher personal enthusiasm. China is a small and medium-sized enterprises, personal websites and blogs are numerous.

To be able to hold on to these two groups will certainly have great development, Alimama’s prospects will be more brilliant.

affiliate marketing

Taobao ke Details

Taobao ke is to help Taobao sellers promote goods and get commissions according to the results of the transaction (can be individuals or websites), previously called Taobao, since January 12, 2009, officially changed its name to Taobao.

As long as you get the promotion link of Taobao products, let the buyer through your promotion link into Taobao store to buy goods and confirm payment, you can earn the commission paid by the seller, no input costs, no risk, the maximum commission up to 50% of the turnover of goods.

Alimama of Taobao, is committed to creating an aggregate of all kinds of products of excellent Taobao customers, but also for shoppers to provide the latest, most authoritative shopping navigation information.

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