business consulting in China

eCommerce Consulting

Overview: A New Zealand client is selling Yoghurt in China, they want to know the market share and trends in […]

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baidu paid ads

Baidu Paid Ads (PPC)

Overview: A Sweden digital marketing company wanted to do keywords research on traveling industrial on Baidu and Sogo. Challenges: 1. […]

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Lead Generation

Overview: An Australian manufacturer wants to sell to healthy foods on Chinese eCommerce platforms. Challenges: 1.The client doesn’t have an […]

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Online Business Consulting

Overview: An US company wants to sell their service to Chinese pharmaceutical companies. Challenges: 1.How to start the business? 2.How […]

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Online Store Operation

Overview: A Germany company wants to sell products on Chinese eCommerce platform. Challenges: 1.They don’t know how to open a […]

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Search Engine Optimization

Overview:  A US technology company wants on get ranking on Chinese search engines. Challenges: 1.How to index on Chinese search […]

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Social Media Marketing

Overview: A traveling agency from Canada wants to get more Chinese tourists. Challenges: 1.What are the important social media networks […]

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Website Marketing

Overview: One UK company wants to build a Chinese website and do marketing for the site. Challenges: 1.Where to host […]

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Chinese Marketing Training

Overview: An English coaching company wants to start their business in China. Challenges: 1.They don’t know how to start the […]

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wechat and weibo marketing

WeChat & Weibo Marketing

Overview: An Ukraine company wants to do marketing on Weibo and WeChat. Challenges: 1.How to apply an account on WeChat […]

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