business consulting in China

eCommerce Consulting

Overview: A New Zealand client is selling Yoghurt in China, they want to know the market share and trends in the Chinese market. Challenges: 1.They don’t know their market share in the imported Yoghurt industrial in China. 2.They want to know the trends of its products. 3. Does the current market solutions work well in […]

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baidu paid ads

Baidu Paid Ads (PPC)

Overview: A Sweden digital marketing company wanted to do keywords research on traveling industrial on Baidu and Sogo. Challenges: 1. The client doesn’t know the research habit of  target customers. 2. They don’t understand Chinese. 3. They are not familiar with keywords research tools in Chinese. Solutions: 1.Consulting 2.Competitor research 3. Keywords research 4. Professional […]

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Lead Generation

Overview: An Australian manufacturer wants to sell to healthy foods on Chinese eCommerce platforms. Challenges: 1.The client doesn’t have an entity in China. 2.They don’t know how to start registering and working on Chinese eCommerce platforms. 3.They have limited budget for the project. 4. They don’t have experience exporting products to China. Solutions: 1.Consulting 2. […]

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Online Business Consulting

Overview: An US company wants to sell their service to Chinese pharmaceutical companies. Challenges: 1.How to start the business? 2.How to find the target pharmaceutical companies? 3. Is there any market here in China? Solutions: 1.Consulting 2.Competitors research 3.Leads generating advice

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Online Store Operation

Overview: A Germany company wants to sell products on Chinese eCommerce platform. Challenges: 1.They don’t know how to open a store on Tmall. 2.How to do marketing for the store? 3. How to ship the products to consumers? 4. How to handle the accounting? 5. How to operate the store? Solutions: 1.Consulting 2.Market research 3. […]

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Search Engine Optimization

Overview:  A US technology company wants on get ranking on Chinese search engines. Challenges: 1.How to index on Chinese search engines? 2.How to get good ranking? 3.How to work on SEO for Chinese website? Solutions: 1.Consulting 2.Competitors research 3.On-page optimization 4.Off-site optimization

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Social Media Marketing

Overview: A traveling agency from Canada wants to get more Chinese tourists. Challenges: 1.What are the important social media networks for marketing tourism? 2.How to work on these chose networks? Solutions: 1.Consulting 2.Market research 3.WeChat marketing 4.Weibo marketing

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Website Marketing

Overview: One UK company wants to build a Chinese website and do marketing for the site. Challenges: 1.Where to host the website? 2.How to do marketing for the website? 3.How to get the website works for Chinese market? Solutions: 1.Consulting 2.Hosting solution 3.Website localization 4. Organic ranking for the website 5. Baidu paid ads 6.Marketing […]

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Chinese Marketing Training

Overview: An English coaching company wants to start their business in China. Challenges: 1.They don’t know how to start the business. 2. What solution is the best solution for the coaching business? 3. What’s the budget for each network? 4. What’s the process of working on Chinese social media? Solutions: 1.Business consulting 2.Conduct market research […]

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wechat and weibo marketing

WeChat & Weibo Marketing

Overview: An Ukraine company wants to do marketing on Weibo and WeChat. Challenges: 1.How to apply an account on WeChat and Weibo? 2.What’s the budget for marketing on these networks? 3.How to do marketing? Solutions: 1.Competitors research 2.Apply an account on both WeChat and Weibo. 3. Marketing on the two networks.  

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