How to do ASO optimization without spending money, get more than 30% new traffic?

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What is the best way to get your first app traffic without spending money?

App basic data optimization is the key to attracting users to download conversions. The most important thing is that you can add new ones without spending money.

Ten years ago, Apple completely changed people’s lifestyles with 500 apps. Today, AppStore has more than 2 million apps. In the ASO’s rivers and lakes, there were early apps that relied on ASO to optimize the accumulation of millions of seed users, and the app store grew into today’s big head company.

Today, both capital acquisition and access to traffic are harder. The constant is that 60% of App traffic still comes from the app store, and the app store is still the most effective and direct channel for app acquisition. It’s just that we have to do more detailed research in order to get incremental from every detail optimization.

Closer to home, we know that ASO App Store Optimization is mainly to help the App get a higher exposure in the app store – by increasing product keyword coverage and keyword search rankings, increasing product traffic and download conversion rates to gain more natural users, including Download users, paid users, and super R users.

Before doing ASO optimization, we need to understand how the Apple App ranking works, ASO optimization and App weights interact.

Both Android and Apple have the same weight. The higher the weight, the higher the download, the higher the ranking, and the weight represents the download volume and future achievements of an application.

From this article, you will learn:

  1. The factor that effects the ranking of the apps
  2. How to get your first customers quickly?
  3. Three basic tips for ASO.

First: To do ASO, you must first understand the App ranking rules.

Let’s take a look at the influencing factors of App weight: external factors and internal factors.

External factors: We have to seize the stage of new online and version updates. These two stages are optimized to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Internal factors: There are three main aspects:

• Text aspect

Title, subtitle, keyword, developer field, application description.

• Numerical aspects

Downloads (purchase), praise (praise), DAU, retention rate, duration of use, paid conversion, download rate of detail page, search volume, search result click rate.

•other aspects

History recommendation number, developer quality (giant, big factory, central enterprise), application update cycle, application/account with or without violations, whether it is vest, whether the plot is serious, whether the content of the app is the same, quality, app brand, icon Whether it is beautiful, the picture of the details page, whether the video shows a bright spot, whether the product type is more recognized by Apple.

From the perspective of App weight, ASO is not a simple brush list, brush ranking, which does not cost the app based optimization (name, main subtitle, icon, screenshots, videos, keywords, comments) is also very important, optimization can be There are new conversions, and the daily activities are improved, which in turn affects the weight and ranks.

Further, the optimization of ASO basic data is actually about pulling new and promoting the work around attention.

In an assortment of app stores, attention is the scarcest resource. There are user resources in places where attention is paid. Products that attract attention will have downloads and conversions, and there will be money flowing.

app store

Second: How does ASO optimization reduce attention consumption and quickly win users?

1, name + main subtitle

Optimization focus: product characteristics + ASO = high conversion + 0 cost

Summarize the following points:

• App names should be easy to remember, functional, and unique. 2~4 Chinese characters or 1~3 English words

• Better elaboration of App names

• Reflect new features and differences

• Easy to understand a word

• The most important keywords, ranking words, title words and characters can be repeated

• The main subtitle of the product category does not exceed 10 words, and the main subtitle of the game category does not exceed 8 words.

• Pay attention to the main title to add the product name, the subtitle can be lively

• iOS12 subtitles occupy search weights, should be valued, subtitles should highlight the unique features of App products

• Australian English, British English and American English, the main subtitle can write core industry words, but pay attention to

Regarding the number of words in the main and subtitles, if there is a problem in the review, you can consider deleting the number of words, so the application class 10 words, the game class 8 words is the most insurance.

Let’s take a look at some of the genres of the title:

1) Emphasize content and advantages

Netease cloud music main title: the power of music; subtitle: and over 600 million interesting people listening to songs to comment

Douyin main title: vibrato short video; subtitle: record good life

All of the above highlight the main content or advantages, suitable for a single app with a single function or service.


2) List multiple keywords

58 city owner title: looking for a job recruitment job rental network; subtitle: 58 recruitment rental season, help you promote a salary increase for a good room!

Himalayan main title: Himalayan FM “Listening to the Community” radio sound novel cross-talk storytelling; subtitle: 530 million people’s voice library.

The main subtitles have a lot to do with the product features. 58 The services provided by the same city cover a wide range. The Himalayan covers many forms of audio content, so listing more keywords can effectively improve keyword coverage and improve app ranking.

3) Main industry word generic word brand word postposition

The head of the US group: eat, drink, and play, all in the US group;

Early 2016 version: US group buy – buy, film, food, hotel, takeaway, discount, the US group network produced

This type of emphasis is on grabbing the word common words in the industry, because these are the main selling points of the product.

2, icon optimization

Icon is the image of the product, representing the first impression. When users browse the list, they don’t have the opportunity to read the introduction or screenshot. The icon must attract the user’s attention within 1.5 seconds, and seize the user’s heart in a flash, otherwise it will easily be overwhelmed in 2 million applications.

Icon design optimization should pay attention to the following points:

• Strongly identifiable

• Consistent with App features or styles

• Don’t use text too much

• Pay attention to the choice and matching of colors

There are three types of icon design categories:

1) Select the first word or two words of the product title at a glance

Such as veins, knowing, shrimp, 36 氪, free fish, learning strong countries.

This type of icon can quickly transfer information, greatly reducing the user’s attention consumption, strong color contrast, text design has its own style, can quickly grab the user.

2) Refinement of product content, functions or attributes

Such as Baidu cloud, vibrato, fast hand, Youku, WeChat, QQ mailbox and so on. Graphical design at a glance also allows users to quickly find and understand the functionality of the app.

At the search portal, users sometimes judge whether they want it according to the icon design. If the design is not known, the user will be lost. Of course, the design is beautiful and the style is also very important.

3) Marketing during hotspots, using festivals to quickly drain, attracting new and increasing daily activities

The Light Camera icon has been featured for Christmas and Halloween, and the fun and interesting icons are easy to attract users to download.

3, App screenshot optimization

• Highlight important copy content (zoom in/bold/add background color)

• A compelling background image that draws users’ attention

• Use a dark background image to contrast sharply and make the text clearer

• Use a text style that matches the App style

• Showcase the features and UI style of the app

Visual content is the most attractive to users, and good screenshots allow users to quickly understand the app and be fully attracted. Here are some excellent examples that represent different types of screenshots:

1) Function selling type

Together, the demon is unfolded from several core features, beautifully designed and attractive.

2) Celebrity effect

The Himalayas showcase their product advantages from several popular celebrity works, attracting users’ attention and using the celebrity effect to quickly improve conversions.

3) Unique brand tonality

The UI style of the light camera uses high-grade gray tones and textures, and several features in the copy also fully reflect the needs of female users for taking pictures.

The sense of high-level is a light-toned brand tonality. The copywriting “shoots the high-level face” and the vision complement each other, which can effectively attract the download conversion of urban white-collar women. PS. If you want a high-quality sense of color, you can reduce the saturation of the color, using gray tones.

4) Attracting eyeball marketing

Highlighting the numbers quickly catches the eye, and the colors are contrasted with the brightest yellow. The users who come to the fish are all for the benefit, and the more important than the discount is the credibility.

The copy of the free fish (1 big wave star, 200 million users, 30,000 pieces of baby free delivery) solved these two problems well and brought great appeal to users.

4, video optimization

In the new AppStore, video previews are automatically played on product pages and search shows.

The previous preview video is not allowed to play. The new version changes the video preview, which undoubtedly enhances the user experience and has a certain impact on the download conversion rate of the product.

Pay attention to the following points when making a video:

1) The video begins to show convincing and attractive information, grabbing the user’s eye, the first ten seconds is the focus

2) Make the visual experience richer and more perfect through the sound of individuality, and highlight the video features as much as possible on the rhythm

3) Every 5 seconds of video playback, about 10% of users will give up watching, the video length should not be too long

4) Make good use of the three video bits of iOS12, put it in the first place in a shorter and more streamlined position, and highlight the marketing and brand video in the second and third places.

5) The quality of the video should be beautiful and the copy should be attractive.

In the new version of iOS12, more people began to pay attention to the role of video. In fact, most of the top 50 apps in the list use video to fully display the app.

The video is generally recommended to describe the 3-5 features of the product within 30 seconds, so that users can clearly understand the product in a short time. Video clarity is high, the beginning of the video can not attract users, users are likely to give up your product.


5, application description

App descriptions are extremely important for app promotion, because when users see your app on the search results list page, it’s the app description that draws them to click on the details page.

The description text should reflect the unique features and functions of the app. The concise description can quickly let the user know the function of the product and attract them.

The following is the application description of the free fish, concise and prominent advantages, strengthen the brand advantage, the user can use the scene at a glance, the user can see at a glance, can quickly attract users to download.

In addition, the Apple details page only shows the first few lines of description by default, so be sure to show the product’s biggest highlights in a concise manner at the outset. The language is as concise as possible, and bringing it into use can better attract users to download.

6, comment optimization

Praise is extremely important to the product, not only reflects the user’s recognition of the product, but also improves the ranking of the product. If there are high-heat keywords in the comments, it will help the ranking.

How to guide and improve the user’s praise, there are three suggestions:

1) Pop up a prompt at the appropriate time to guide the user to post positive comments

2) Use App styles and pleasing tips

3) Actively respond to user feedback and help resolve

In addition, the number of comments has an impact on keyword coverage, while comments buried keywords (brand words, long tail words), and the magnitude of comments can also affect keyword coverage.

How to deal with bad reviews in products?

The difference score is normal bad evaluation and malicious bad evaluation. The reason for the normal bad evaluation is generally the BUG of the product itself or the player is not skilled in operating the product, such as the product flashback or WIFI can not download the product; the reason for maliciously being badly evaluated is the competition Unfair competition, the product was maliciously destroyed.

For normal comments: If there is customer service in the background, normal reply can be. If it is not convenient to reply, the customer service workload is large, and seek a side reply from friends or colleagues around you.

For malicious bad reviews: If there are a large number of bad reviews, you need to cover the bad reviews through a third party, and recommend real-life points wall comments. The user’s account weight is large and the security is high. The other is to clear the comments in the background, the downside is that all comments before the product will be cleared.

Third: Jumping out, ASO basic optimization has to grasp 3 levels.

The above researched some of the classic App’s ASO basic optimization skills, it is not difficult to find that ASO is closely related to brand and marketing.

Therefore, when we optimize the basic data of ASO, we need to jump out and look at it. From a higher perspective, ASO optimization needs to grasp three levels:

Brand layer: It is necessary to focus on the positioning and value of the brand, your visual style, the sense of language of the copy, and the value of the selling point to the target group. If you can’t build a brand style and can’t pass the brand value, it’s hard to remember. For example, the light camera “takes a high-level face”, her screenshots and videos are all displayed around the sense of high-level, the copywriting is described around the target group, and the style and value are highlighted.

Marketing layer: Marketing expression can effectively bring new and active, such as holiday activities, promotions, etc., including icons and screenshots can be developed around the marketing rhythm.

ASO layer: Proficiency in the use of ASO optimization techniques, not only can enhance the app weight, but also increase the keyword search coverage. The rest is to constantly optimize and see the results.

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