How to marketing App in China?

How to choose channels for marketing your app?

How to make a comprehensive plan?

How can we promote the channel well?

Here are three steps for marketing App in China.

3 steps for marketing app
  1. Develop a marketing strategy
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According to the characteristics of the product and the positioning, it is necessary to choose the promotion strategy combination that is most suitable for itself.

First, we must first understand our products before we promote them. We know that we can win every competition.

We need to understand the following three questions:

  • What is our product?
  • Who are our target users and where?
  • What are our products that meet the needs of our users?

The premise of our APP promotion is that we must make these three issues transparent, so that we can determine the promotion direction and provide the basis for the customization of the later promotion strategy!

Second, to understand the characteristics of the APP, the advantages, specific details must be well known.

It is not necessary to say clearly about the target audience. Another aspect is to understand, to be familiar with the functions and details of their products, and to highlight the advantages and features of their own products.

Third, competing product analysis

Use and analyze similar APPs on the market, we must know which products are competitive with us, what are the directions and characteristics of similar products, and where are our competitive advantages?

Pay attention to the download volume of competing products: pay attention to the download of competing products on IOS and Android, try to understand the real user data.

Study the competitors’ keywords, search for the popularity of competing products’ own brand words, and whether to overheat the search list and monitor the changes of keywords.

Whether the competing products themselves have promotional resources, the product manager conducts product research from the function, and then we have to look at the promotion to see if there is any place worth learning.

The promotion method of competing products. Which referrals were made, those advertisements were made, which agencies worked with them, and so on.

The transformation effect of promotion is not one-step, the combination coverage of multiple channels is the most efficient.

The promotion strategy should cater to the user’s behavior logic, do a good job in marketing positioning and market research, and open up the online and offline joint channels in multiple dimensions, in order to maximize the extension, complementarity and repetition effect of the promotion.

2: Select the channels

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Not all successful solutions are suitable for replication. You need to choose a channel based on your product positioning. What specific channels are worthy of reference?

There are dozens of mainstream practices in detail, here is a classification, pick some of the more effective methods for reference.

(1) App Store Promotion

The major app stores and download stations are the main positions for user app downloads. Except for the installation package download, almost all downloads come from these distribution channels. Regardless of the size channels, these stores and download stations must first be covered, and some free resources can be used. Most of them still rely on burning money to do ASO optimization.

Mobile phone manufacturers app store: Now mobile phone manufacturers like Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and so on have their own app stores. These phones come with stores that are industry-leading, both in terms of user volume and app recommendation mechanism.

Can be used as the main channel, you need to pay attention to the download frequency every day, invest the most resources, and give priority to the first recommendation.

Third-party application market: such as application treasure, pea pod, Baidu mobile assistant, etc. The third-party market exists in major mobile phone brands, and the market share is relatively high, which can be used as a secondary channel for App promotion.

Among them, such as Tencent Application Bao and Baidu Mobile Assistant, which have large platform drainage, can also be used as the main channel.

Mobile phone software download station: such as PC6 download station, hacker software station, friendship mobile station, etc., can be used as a general channel for app promotion, only users can search here.

(2) New media operations

Now the new Internet media is still a red sea. Through the operation of new media, enhancing the brand’s popularity and reputation has become a common method used by major enterprises. The use of new media to promote App has the following categories:

Brand-based promotion: Establish encyclopedia or brand entries in search channels such as Baidu, 360, Sogou, etc. These are the sooner the better, the most basic operation to establish a brand image.

Then, in Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Baike, Sina questions and other platforms to establish questions and answers, improve branding.

WeChat, Weibo, and Vibrato: WeChat is still the biggest traffic entry for mobile Internet. The popularity of Weibo is not diminished. The vibrato has taken up a lot of time as a rising star.

Through the operation of WeChat public number and small program, Weibo topic marketing and KOL promotion, production of vibrato creative video, etc., the use of “double micro-shake” traffic bonus to achieve brand marketing, while developing service numbers, small programs, etc. Can provide value-added services to users.

Community operations: WeChat group, QQ group, Douban team, etc. The user tag of the social group is very clear, and it is also the focus of the target user gathering, but it is also very resistant to the advertisement, so it is necessary to mingle with the people inside.

(3) Online advertising

Search channel: Search engine promotion is also keyword auction advertising. If you purchase keywords, users will give priority to displaying your ads when searching for keywords.

Mainly divided into SEM and SEO, by spending money to buy information, research search engine ranking and recommendation rules, etc., as much as possible to make their own web pages in line with search engine regulations, so that rankings are more advanced.

If you do well, the display will be high, and the traffic you visit will be potential users with relatively demanding requirements. Therefore, it is worthwhile to give priority to your efforts.

Information flow advertising: wide point, today’s headlines, Netease news, and so on. A stream advertisement is an advertisement that is located in a friend’s dynamics of a social media user, or in a stream of information media and audiovisual media content.

Online media advertising: Portal media includes,,, and Netease; video media include Youku, Tencent Vido, etc.Videos, articles, or advertisements published or reported by these platforms are more likely to have an impact on the web platform, and are a better means for SMEs to promote brand strength.

Navigation ads: hao123, 360 navigation, Sogou navigation, 2345 navigation, UC navigation and so on. Of course, the better the advertising position, the more expensive the price, the drainage effect of this method is good, but the conversion rate is average.

KOL Marketing: Refers to key opinion leaders, generally referring to people with the right to speak in the industry, such as experts, net red, stars, etc. KOL is seen as a relatively new marketing tool that leverages the reach of social media in terms of reach and impact.

(4) Offline advertising

Traditional media advertising: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and traditional media.

The advantage of this type of promotion is that it is more authoritative and more credible than online advertising. It can cover mainstream people with a certain level of knowledge, and the delivery is relatively accurate. The advertising channel is mainly selected according to product tonality.


The promotion channels are complex and complex. It is necessary to be familiar with the benefits of each communication channel as much as possible. To link multiple dimensions, it is necessary to analyze and filter the channel data, analyze the overall promotion effect of multiple channels, and promote the quality of individual channels to improve reasonably. Promotion plan.

3. Doing App branding

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When we are branding, we can be divided into the following stages:

  • Found: found and seen by users
  • Recognition: Everyone has seen it and understands what you are doing.
  • Remember: you know
  • Like: After the user generates trust and trust, the product will generate a premium at this stage.
  • Unforgettable: User Sticky

Only in the right opportunity & the right product  and the right channels can be a successful marketing.

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