How to add Keywords in your articles?

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how to add keywords when writing articles

After understanding the skills of setting keywords and the layout of keywords, soft text promoters must learn to subtly embed soft words. When implanting keywords, they must be smart, self-directed, and accurate. Timing, it is really not implanted for implantation, and it is not necessary to be all-in-one, so as not to cause consumer dislike.

1. Keyword control

Some people say that since keywords are so important in soft texts, isn’t the more keywords used? In fact, the setting of keywords must grasp the right amount of principles in soft texts, not as much as possible. Passing words is not easy for consumers to remember, too many keywords have too obvious advertising implants, and easy to resent the fee. Therefore, in the soft writing, we must strictly control the number of keywords to maximize the fruit.

However, sometimes the number of keywords is an important aspect of keyword embedding skills. The keyword can be used to help the soft text achieve better marketing results to a certain extent. So, how to properly control the number of keywords in soft writing?

On the one hand, it is necessary to have the appropriate Wu key word proportion in the web page, preferably 3 to 5 per page, so that

In order to maximize the marketing effect of soft text without causing consumer resentment. Excessive keyword implantation will bring consumers a sense of bluntness in advertising, causing consumers to be vigilant and cause counterproductive effects.

On the other hand, in the implantation of keywords, the number of keywords is focused on the interests of consumers. You should know that choosing a keyword does not mean that the existence of the keyword can make the soft text work well. Only when it appears properly in the article, attracting the interest of consumers and deepening their impressions, can the soft text be better satisfied. The marketing effect is achieved under the premise of consumer interests.

In the control of the number of keywords, the soft-text writers have to insert the appropriate amount of keywords into the natural, not only to attract the attention of consumers, but also to make consumers feel that the advertising is too obvious.

keywords density

2. Keyword density distribution

Although keywords have very important value for search engine optimization in soft texts, this does not mean that the higher the density of keywords in soft writing, the better. Only a reasonable keyword density can get a better search ranking, in order to truly maximize the marketing effect.

In the search engine, the density of keywords is one of the factors of the ranking algorithm. Each search engine has a calculation method for keyword density. Only the most reasonable and optimized search engine can make the soft text rank in the search results. More forward. Therefore, only by properly arranging the density of keywords can the keywords be implanted more naturally and achieve the ultimate goal of soft-text publishing. In the density distribution of keywords, what problems should the plaintext writer pay attention to?

On the one hand, don’t bluntly implant keywords, usually two or three on the line, at most not to exceed

After six, don’t deliberately and excessively repeat the keywords, which will make consumers feel a hard and wide implant, but get the opposite effect. Therefore, when writing a soft text, we must fully consider the density of keywords in order to better market the product.

On the other hand, in the writing of soft texts, do not appear the same keyword twice or more in the same line. If you strictly follow the proportion of the article, in most search engines, the density of keywords is 2% to 8%. The more appropriate range, too much or too little can’t achieve the best optimization effect of soft text. In order to achieve the best results, soft texts must pay special attention to the density distribution of keywords. Only when the density distribution is reasonable, can marketing be done to consumers without prejudice to consumers.

Therefore, the density distribution of keywords is a problem that every promoter must pay attention to when writing soft papers.

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